Elections 2022, the latest news | Giorgia Meloni: “I saw Berlusconi: a cordial and constructive meeting”

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Live news on the political day and the formation of the new government

• Wrong counts, Bossi (re) elected. But repechage is chaos throughout Italy. Fished out or excluded: that’s who they are.
• From the Interior Ministry to the Economy, impasse on ministers. Meloni: “An authoritative team”
• Totoministri, same weight for Lega and Forza Italia.
• All results by party, region, college: the map of Italy.
• Uninominal Chamber / Senate. Plurinominal Chamber / Senate: who are all the new elected members.

13:09 – Meloni: “Effective responses to problems, Italy returns to defend its interests”

“You know that in recent days I have chosen to limit public outings to dedicate myself body and soul to dealing with the most urgent dossiers. If we are called to govern this nation, it is immediately clear that we plan to give effective and immediate answers to the main problems ”. The leader of FdI and premier in pectore Giorgia Meloni thus began in his first public speech after the electoral victory, on the stage of the Coldiretti initiative in Milan.

“We did the electoral campaign saying that we will have the great goal of changing the relationship between the state and citizens and between the state and businesses – he began – Our compass will be: do not disturb those who want to do something, do not disturb those who want to create wealth and who wants to give work. The state-state must enable them to do so ». In particular, she explained that he wants “return an industrial strategy to this nation that has not had it for some time ».

As regards economic and international policy issues, she explained that for her “the issue is not how to compensate for gas speculation but how to stop it”. The priority, she said, “will be the cost of energy“. On international relations and in particular on the EU, he added that “in Europe we start from national interests to arrive at common ones: Italy must return to defense of his interest to find common solutions “. Finally, «sul dear energy we are in constant contact with the outgoing government, which is engaged in a very complex negotiation at the European level ”.

In his speech there was only one hint of the possible composition of a future government: “We do not intend to go it alone, we will involve the intermediate bodies,” he declared.

12:49 pm – Meloni: “I’ve already seen Berlusconi: a cordial and constructive meeting”

“I already saw Berlusconi. It was a very cordial and constructive meeting. I am optimistic”. Thus the president of Fdi, premier in pectore, Giorgia Meloni, arriving at the Castello Sforzesco at the Coldiretti initiative in Milan, where his intervention is planned. This is pfirst public release after the election victory.

FdI and FI have released a joint note: «Meeting this morning between the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, and the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi. During the meeting, which took place in a climate of great collaboration and unity of purpose, the two leaders reiterated their satisfaction with the affirmation of the center-right in the political elections and took stock of the current political situation. Meloni and Berlusconi then examined the most urgent dossiers on the agenda, starting from dear energy. The two leaders then discussed the next institutional steps in view of the convening of the next Parliament and shared the need for Italy to need a High profile governmentcapable of dealing with the serious emergencies that the country is facing ».

12:01 pm – Renzi: Read only responsible for victory Meloni

«Here there is only one great person responsible for Meloni’s victory. The only person who Giorgia Meloni must thank is Enrico Letta, who got it all wrong. After this incredible electoral campaign of the PD, masochistic, everyone is fully aware of this ». To say it is the leader of Italia viva, Matteo Renzion the sidelines of an event in Milan.

11:50 am – Vaia: I will not be a minister but do not leave Ssn alone

I am not a minister“. The director of the Spallanzani Institute is clear, Francesco Vaiawho however advises the next tenant of the Lungotevere Ripa ministry, whoever he is, to “do not leave health alone“. “To avoid this, system action is needed, which Covid has taught us to be indispensable,” he explains to LaPresse. Then he adds: “We need to pay health professionals better and reverse the trend on the front of youth precariousness”, “use when necessary the best public-private integration to guarantee a service that is truly universal, for all” and finally, “give more space for women “. “It is the time for women to give them more space even in top positions”, she says, with a thought that reaches the condition of women in other countries as well. “It has nothing to do with Italian healthcare – she concludes – but what happens in Iran is a shameful thing”.

10:54 am – Tajani: Forza Italia has equal dignity with the Lega, Salvini can be the Minister of the Interior

«As Berlusconi said today, we also have equal dignity with the League since we got the same grades. The important thing, however, is the contents, it is not a question of seats ». The national coordinator of Forza Italia said so, Antonio Tajani, on the sidelines of the visit to the Coldiretti Village in Milan. “Equal dignity – he added – means a balanced position, this is also important for us to make a contribution as a popular soul and also for the importance of Silvio Berlusconi’s role”.

“For Forza Italia Salvini can be the minister of any department, he can choose him, then he is the president of the Republic he appoints, but as far as we are concerned there are absolutely no problems”, Tajani added.

10:39 am – Kiev to Urso: Meloni come to visit the country

The head of the Ukrainian President’s Office, Andriy Yermak, had a telephone conversation with Senator Adolfo Urso, president of Copasir. Yermak, explains a note from the Office, congratulated FdI and its leader Giorgia Meloni for the victory in the elections, and on behalf of the President Zelensky invited Giorgia Meloni to visit Ukraine. “We would be happy if Italy became one of the guarantors of security for Ukraine,” he added

10:28 am – Giorgia Meloni’s strategy (which reappears today): no toasts and comments only on social media

(Tommaso Labate) “Remember that from Sunday night we will have the eyes of the whole world upon us. And that anything, even the most trivial, sooner or later can turn against us ». Only today Giorgia Meloni will do his first public release, one week from the vote. But you have to take a step back at least a week to understand why a an unprecedented phenomenon known in Italian electoral history, at least that of the last quarter of a century.

To understand the why of missed celebrations, of bottles of sparkling wine never uncorked, of toasts never made, at least not in front of a camera on or a working camera. It is no coincidence that there are no videos that immortalize Giorgia Meloni as she celebrates her victory at elections last Sunday together with his loyalists. And, apart from that skimpy declaration of thanks to the voters that arrived Sunday night after the second screening, among other things recorded in an unusually low tone, it still doesn’t even exist. a victory speech.

Here the complete article.

08:40 – Pd, new name on the way? Letta’s steps to refound the party

(Maria Teresa Meli)
Enrico Letta he does not want to leave, leaving a party divided and close to splitting. To avoid the count on Thursday in the direction, he proposes a path to get to the congress that can fit both a reformist base, which would like to nominate quickly. Stefano Bonacciniboth on the internal left, which has no candidate but Elly Schlein which, however, is considered “not very governable”.

The management secretary will propose a date (in November) for the national assembly: from that moment the congress process will start and between March and April the dem will go to their national meetings and elect a new leader.

The path identified by Letta, who has no intention of staying in the saddle up to the Regionals of Lazio and Lombardy, provides four stagesbut, above all, it paints a scenario of true refoundation of the Democratic Party: the displaced persons of Article 1 (Speranza and Bersani, to be clear) will be able to return, the party will be able to change its name (“The Democrats” the most popular) and could theoretically be Elly Schlein, who does not have the dem card in her pocket, is also a candidate for the secretariat.

Here the complete article.

08:32 – Andreatta: “Pd, it’s time to scrape: away all the executives with the past in DS and Margherita”

(Aldo Cazzullo)
rofessor Filippo Andreatta, you are the son of the inventor of the Olive tree and the political “brother” of the outgoing secretary of the Democratic Party. How do you explain this historic defeat?
“The problem is not with people, but with the whole party. I find it unfair that you try to make Letta the scapegoat. Enrico tried to the last to make the coalition competitive with the wide field, but the exasperated narcissism of Conte and Calenda, and their unreliability, made it impossible. And then he spent himself in a very tough election campaign, without sparing himself. Now with great dignity he steps aside ».

A person, a leader, will have to be found.
«The simple replacement of the secretary is a Gattopardesque solution. Each time the Democratic Party stages a cannibalism rite which then solves nothing ».

What is the solution then?

«The Democratic Party has lost its relationship with the people of the left. It remains in tune with the bourgeoisie of the Ztl, but no longer makes a breach among the workers of the suburbs and small towns. It is turning into a kind of mass radical party, which is a contradiction in terms. It has not been able to adapt to the change in society and now there are no more rents. The center-right got more votes even in Tuscany and Emilia ».

Here the complete interview.

07:30 – The approval of Draghi at 63%. It still rises after the resignation

(Nando Pagnoncelli) In analyzing the vote, some commentators emphasized the relationship between individual political forces and the Draghi governmentwhich would have favored the opponents and penalized the supporters, underlining both the victory of the main opposition party and the good result of the M5S which in recent months had shown critical positions towards the executive, and the lower than expected result of the Democratic Party, considered the most staunch supporter of the government, and of the Third Pole, whose program made explicit reference to the so-called Draghi agenda.

This is a completely legitimate analysis but not shareable, in light of the popularity data the outgoing government has enjoyed since its inauguration. A demonstration of this is today’s poll, which shows a further one increased consent for both the government and the premier: 59% of Italians express a positive opinion on the executive and 63% on Draghi; the approval rating calculated by comparing the positive and negative judgments, excluding those who do not express themselves, stood at 65 and 69 respectively, in both cases up by 2 points compared to the end of August.

Here the complete article.

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