Elections, direct – Attendance at 11pm (partial figure) at 64%, almost 10 points less than in 2018: a new negative record

Naples, definitive turnout 49.75%

The turnout figure in the city of Naples stops just below 50%. The definitive figure recorded at the close of the polls, at 11 pm on Sunday 25 September, is 49.75%. In the political elections of 2018 the turnout in Naples was 60.52%; compared to previous policies, therefore, the figure for Naples is down by 10.77%.

Lombardy (partial figure): turnout down to 70.57%

The partial figure of the turnout at 11 pm, at the close of the polls for the voting of policies in Lombardy, counted 1,376 Municipalities out of a total of 1,506, is 70.54%, reading the data of the Chamber, compared to 77.73% in 2018. In the province of Milan (114 municipalities out of 133) the figure is even lower: 69.66% (in 2018 it was 76.75%).

Turnout (almost definitive figure): 63.97%

Almost definitive figure of the turnout at 63.97% based on the communications of 7,183 Municipalities out of 7,904. A drop of almost 10 percentage points is realized.

Turnout in Veneto down by 9 points

The turnout in the political elections in Veneto is about 9 percentage points less than in 2018. For the Chamber, the data, still partial and relating to 411 out of 563 sections, record an influx of 70.34% compared to 79.54% 4 years ago; for the Senate (425 out of 563) the turnout was 70.43% compared to 79.73% of the previous policies.

Turnout (6,023 Municipalities out of 7,904) at 64.31%

When the figure becomes almost definitive – with 6,023 municipalities out of 7,904 – the turnout stands at 64.31%. Almost 10 points less than four years ago when the figure was 74.15%.

Turnout (partial data): 64.15%

With more than half of the Italian municipalities having communicated the data (4,118 out of 7,904), the Minister of the Interior announces that the turnout – at the moment – stands at 64.15%. It would be 10 points less than the 74.14% of the last political elections.

Turnout, partial figure: 64.67%

At 11 pm, 64.67% of those entitled to vote voted, when the data relates to 1,457 out of 7,904 municipalities. It can be seen from the website of the Ministry of the Interior. In the previous round of elections in 2018 at the same time, 73.68% of the voters for the House had gone to the polls.

Seats closed: waiting for the start of the ballot

The seats for the elections for the renewal of the Senate of the Republic and the Chamber of Deputies and for the regional ones in Sicily close at 11 pm.
The ballot will begin with the counting of the ballots for the election of the Senate. Tomorrow, from 2 pm, the ballots for the regional elections will take place. It is possible that in some polling stations the voting operations may end late, given the queues that have been created during the day.

Meloni voted within minutes of closing

Giorgia Meloni voted a few minutes after the closing of the polls at the seat of the Vittorio Bachelet institute in via Beata Vergine del Carmelo in Rome. The leader of Fdi this morning had decided to postpone the appointment due to the rush of journalists.

Milan, attendance down by more than 3 points at 7pm

In Milan and its province the turnout for the political elections, at 7 pm, is 57.69%, down compared to 2018 when it was 61.30%.
Declining turnout throughout Lombardy: at 7 pm it was 58.61%, while in 2018 it was 62.79%. The percentages drop in all provinces. The highest figure is that of the province of Bergamo (61.57%). In Milan city the turnout at 7pm is 56.53%, down by more than two percentage points compared to 2018, when it was 58.66%.

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