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The “Together for a democratic and progressive Italy” program was unanimously approved by the national leadership of the Democratic Party. “Our management today discusses the draft program” of the Democratic Party for the next elections, said the Secretary Dem, Enrico Letta, speaking to the party leadership. “It is evident, it was from the beginning but it is even more evident after yesterday’s events (the words of Silvio Berlusconi on presidentialism, ed), that we are faced with a historic choice: either we are on the side of the defense of our Constitution or we are on the side of the distortion of our Constitution. I ask you for a moment of tribute for the highest guarantor of our institutions, Sergio Mattarella “.

There are “three major issues in which we deeply believe. They want to make Italy go back and we will not allow it. There is the great theme of the EU, democracy and participation, which is a key element for us”, explained Letta. Letta then spoke of “sustainable development, with the idea that if Italy bets on this future it can also bet on” growth and jobs. We are the only major parties that talk about this. voting consistently both at national and EU level “. Letta spoke of the “floods that are bringing some of our municipalities to their knees. There is an environment that has lost its bearings. Our electoral campaign will be marked by the stages of our electric bus. We are engaged in impossible missions and we will do this too. It will emerge that our theme is deeply divided: it is necessary “to be aware of the Italian delays” to make “a story” of it.

Read a proposal a day, Berlusconi a pill a day. It’s a show that lacks seriousness. Thursday we will present the program with @mara_carfagna @msgelmini @elenabonetti @meb @marattin. It will be centered on completing the government’s #Dragons and PNRR program. #ItalyOnSerio: so writes Carlo Calenda on twitter. “The left-wing coalition declares that it does not have a single program – said Calenda -. But without a shared program there is no coalition but a life raft for the political class. The reasons for our exit from the coalition are fully confirmed. Too many. pacts and no plans. Only chaos. “

The leader of Fratelli d’Italia writes on Facebook Giorgia Meloni: “In the last 20 years, in Italy, there have been 11 Presidents of the Council: an instability that penalizes Italians and our relationship with other states. For the left, however, presidentialism is a problem, for some even a danger to democracy. We are not surprised, given that in recent years they have always found themselves on the benches of the government, even without popular legitimacy. Fratelli d’Italia believes that Italians should have the right to directly elect the Head of State and to choose by whom to be governed, to put an end to the Palace games and to return as protagonists in Europe and in the world “.

“A pill a day keeps the doctor away. A pill a day of our program should get rid of the gentlemen of the left. Today we talk about the bureaucracy that suffocates us. To build a house, or to renovate it, to open a business a shop, a restaurant, today an infinite number of practices, permits, authorizations are required that last an infinite time. With us, however, it will be enough to respect the laws and a communication by registered letter to the relevant Municipality. immediately and the checks will be carried out in retrospect, with a fine for those who have broken the laws “. Thus the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, in a video posted on his Twitter page. “With this simple reform – continues Berlusconi – 800,000 more places will be created in construction alone. If you agree, if you too want to live in a state where citizens can do everything that is not explicitly forbidden. by law, on 25 September you have to go to vote and you have to vote Forza Italia “, concludes the former premier.

Berlusconi: ‘With the fight against bureaucracy 800,000 more seats’

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