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The electoral agreement has been defined between the leader of IV, Matteo Renzi, and that of Action, Carlo Calenda.

A serious alternative is born today for the first time and pragmatic to the bipopulism of right and left that has devastated this country and disheartened Draghi. I thank Matteo Renzi for his generosity. Now together Italia Viva and Action for Italy seriously. ”Calenda writes on twitter.

We decided to give it a try. On 25 September you will also find this possibility on the ballot paper: do not settle for the least bad, send quality people to Parliament. “Renzi writes this on Facebook, speaking of the Third Pole.

“Cottarelli was not there when we were inside us, I think it was done there to be able to tell the voters there is no Calenda but there is Cottarelli. A move against me? I think so. But I commented on it. with a certain fair play. I think that Cottarelli commits a serious mistake because he goes to a coalition in which half of the Democratic Party and everything to the left of the Democratic Party and the M5S which will return with the Democratic Party two minutes after the elections they share nothing of what he has been telling Italians over the past five years. I am happy to have Cottarelli in Parliament because he is a person of quality “. Action leader Carlo Calenda said this to Rtl 102.5.” In your opinion, Italy governs something that goes from Berlusconi to Meloni passing through Salvini who hates Meloni and do they have different international positioning? They don’t govern it, we know that very well. If you trust this third pole, what will happen is that we will try to stop the victory of the left and right on the basis of concrete government proposals that follow the Draghi agenda, go to Palazzo Chigi and ask Draghi to stay. If Draghi does not want to stay, a personality will have to be found who is able to bring Italy out of the shallows in which it has ended “.

The last “those were tumultuous days“and” I learned that in politics, unlike companies, until you are closed you are not closed. We see. What is important is that an alternative is created to this situation, said Calenda, speaking of the electoral and coalition agreement with Renzi’s Italia Viva.

“Within 24 hours the alliance between Italy in the Center, We with Italy, Courage Italy and UDCto run with a single list of moderates in the next national political elections should become a reality. “This is confirmed by the president of the Liguria Region and of Italy at the Centro Giovanni Toti.

And yesterday there was a tough back-and-forth between Enrico Letta and Giorgia Meloni. The Pd secretary accuses the leader of FdI “of powdering herself” to “change her image” and she replies: “You don’t need face powder, we are consistent”. Meanwhile, the candidacies are beginning to emerge: Berlusconi wants to reappear in the Senate; Pd and + Europe focus on Cottarelli, while Si and Verdi on Ilaria Cucchi.

Elections, Meloni: ‘Our position in the West is’ crystal clear’

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