Elections, still in 13 seats with bated breath. Today I awaited the verdicts

Twelve days after the vote of 25 September, the list of those elected to Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama is not yet final. The verdict of the Supreme Court is expected between today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, the first case has been resolved: Elisabetta Piccolotti, from the Italian Left, wife of Nicola Fratoianni, enters the Chamber in place of Giovanni Paglia. Next Monday there will be the reception of the deputies and senators elected for the handling of the necessary paperwork – photographs for the website, prints for the card – but the names of the six hundred are still not there, given that the national electoral office is still deciding which candidates will take over from those elected in several colleges. The appeal still lacks 4 deputies and 8 senators.

The most striking case is that of the Campania 1 constituency, that is Naples, where M5s, thanks to multiple candidacies, has fewer candidates than the seats won, which puts the machine of the National Electoral Office in crisis. If you go to Eligendo, the Viminale site, and check the Campania 1 constituency, you will see that M5s has won all seven single-member constituencies and with its 41.36% has elected six candidates in the proportional. However, several of them were also elected elsewhere.

Thanks to the algorithm of the electoral law, the now famous ‘pinball effect’, the voters of Naples of M5s will thus end up having the candidates of the Movement from other Regions elected, but it is not yet known which ones because 21 sections are still being recounted ( out of 61,417 in the whole of Italy), and a handful of votes can trigger the ratios in one Region or another. Same problem in the Senate.

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