Elections, the deposit of symbols at the Viminale: there is also the “Holy Roman Empire”. Iv and Action together, the political leader is Calenda

I am the Italian Liberal Partythe Maie (Italian association movement abroad) and the Holy Roman Catholic Empire “and pacifist” the first three to deposit the symbols al Interior Ministry for the elections on 25 September. In seventh place in the row at the Viminale for the presentation of the symbols, there are Iv and Action that run with a single mark. The political leader is Carlo Calenda. The League is in ninth place. The vice president of the Senate Calderoli, unlike usual, did not spend the night with the militants of the Carroccio. Also lined up for the symbol is Clemente Mastella. The current mayor of Benevento defines himself as “the last heir to the values ​​of the Christian Democrats”, as opposed to “Carlo Calenda or Matteo Renzi”, who “is even Macronian, quite different from the DC”.

And he is at the Viminale to deposit the symbol of his party in view of the early elections on 25 September: Mastella-Noi di centro-Europeisti. At the center of the mayor’s training program, lined up in front of the Interior Ministry “since 1976,” he jokes Mastella with the chroniclers, “Atlanticism and above all attention to the South, of which no one speaks”. There is also the former M5s Dino Giarrusso with its symbol ‘South calls north’. Also lined up is General Pappalardo with the orange vest badge.

The news agency Handle explains that the list mark must be handed over by hand on digital support or in triplicate in paper form. It is forbidden to present symbols that reproduce images or religious subjects. Parties that do not have a traditional symbol and political groups are prohibited from presenting “identifying or confusing markings with those that reproduce symbols traditionally used by other parties”. And then the prohibition of presenting signs that refer to fascist or Nazi ideologies.

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