Elections, the direct – Italian Left: “Green light to agreement with Pd and work to extend it to M5s”. From Calenda another aut aut to Read on Twitter

The Democratic Party replies to the Italian Left: “Appreciation, but alliances perimeter does not change”

“We welcome with satisfaction and we appreciate the decision taken today by the National Assembly of Left Italian. At the same time, we confirm theunavailability to reopen the discussion on perimeter of alliances already decided ”. Sources of the Nazarene make it known.

Calenda tweets the left’s request to extend the agreement to the M5s and says: “What will Letta do?”

Carlo Calenda he just tweets the agency title. The yes of Italian left to the agreement with the Democratic Party with the request to extend the alliance also to 5 Stars. To say that the ex-minister’s attention is high on what is happening and therefore on the choices that will be determined in the next few hours. From the parts of Action they let it be known that the response of is now awaited Enrico Letta with respect to the mandate of Si a Nicola Fratoianni which also includes the request to recover the pentastellates of Joseph With you. “Let’s see that Letta answers”.

At 3 pm at the Nazareno I meet Letta-Fratoianni-Bonelli

It is scheduled for afternoon a meeting between the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Readthe secretary of Si, Nicola Fratoianni and the co-spokesperson of the Greens, Angel Bonelli. The summit, scheduled for yesterday, was then postponed until today. On the table the theme of alliances. The meeting is scheduled for 3 pm Nazarene.

Conte: “We will challenge everyone on the minimum wage of 9 euros”

“We will challenge everyone on the minimum wage of 9 euros”. So the president of the M5s, Joseph With youin connection with the Emilia Romagna regional assembly underway in Bologna.

Conte: “We have lost fellow travelers attracted by power. We stand tall with our values ​​”

“We lost companions of the road attracted by sirens of power and of system. We stand tall with our values. There are parties that until yesterday worked with us on the environment, now they change direction and welcome those who change their shirts ”. Thus the president of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, in a passage of his speech, in video-link with the five-star regional assembly of Emilia-Romagna in Bologna. Welcomed by applauseas we learn, Conte was followed by a thousand activists among those present in the room and connected.

Italian left: “In the program of citizenship income and cuts in arms spending”

Si’s programmatic proposal will have to start “from the contrast tofossil energy to the advantage of that renewable; the dignity, stability and fair remuneration of work; by relaunching the economic role of the state; from the extension of welfareincluding the Basic income; from the legalization of cannabis And euthanasia, from the promotion of gender equality; from the commitment to peace, disarmament and the cutting of the expense military“. This is what was approved by the National Assembly of the Italian Left.

Italian left: “Confirm alliance with the Greens and total program autonomy”

The National Assembly of Left Italian mandates the National Secretary and the Secretariat to “confirm thealliance with Europa Verde-Verdi and to conclude as quickly as possible i steps necessary to transform it into one electoral list common; to guarantee in this context the list and our Party total autonomy in terms of programlist and prospect politics“. It is a passage voted by the National Assembly of the Italian Left, which approved the secretary’s proposal Nicola Fratoianni.

Italian left, from the assembly ok to the agreement with the Democratic Party and “working to extend it to the M5s”

“The National Assembly of Italian left by mandate to National Secretary and to the Secretariat to verify the possibility of entering into an agreement with the Democratic party on single-member constituencies, such as to counteract the electoral strength of the right-wing coalition as effectively as possible; to work for such an agreement to be extended also al M5S, and leads to the candidacy of important personalities from the world of work, culture, associations and democratic, progressive and ecological movements ”. This is what was approved by the assembly of Si with 61% of votes in favor, 5% of abstentions.

Italia Viva al Pd: “We do not live on personal grudges”

“Today the Democratic Party attacks violently Matteo Renzi. We do politics and do not live by grudges personal: we think that Letta’s strategy is a gift to Meloni. But we’ll talk about it on September 26th. Good election campaign for now. Even to those with Tiger Eyes ”. She writes it on Twitter Viva Italy, posting the video of a tiger trying to catch a bird, but without success. Tiger eyes is a slogan used by Letta to define the spirit with which Pd candidates must face the elections.

Pd replies to Renzi: “Does he give us lessons? With him record of negative records “

“Today, perhaps to nibble some margin of visibility more, Matteo Renzi find the time and the audacity of give lessons to the Match Democratic. That same party that, before escaping on his personal lifeboat, as secretary tried to sink leaving rubble, lacerations it’s a 18% from guinness book of primates negative. It is not surprising that practically all the voters and militants of the Democratic Party have matured a very hard judgment, without appeal, about him and his political parable ”. Thus sources of the Nazarene reply to the interview released by the leader of Italia Viva al Corriere della Sera.

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