Elections, the list of 130 Sardinian candidates

Here we are. Sunday 25 September, from 7 to 23, 1.3 million Sardinians they are called to elect 16 parliamentarians, 11 deputies and 5 senators.

The electoral system is the rosatellum: seven deputies and three senators are elected with the proportional method and the lists are blocked, without preferences; four deputies and two senators, on the other hand, leave the single-member constituencies, in a dry challenge between the various candidates in which whoever gets the most votes goes to Parliament.

Here is the list of candidates, there are 130 in Sardinia, some are found both in the college and in the proportional list.


In the Chamber, in the college of Cagliari Metropolitan Citythere is Ugo Cappellacci of Forza Italia for the center-right that challenges the dem Andrea Frailisthe pentastellato Mauro Congia And Franco Stara of the Third Pole (Renzi-Calenda). The others: Roberta Moro for Italexit di Paragone, Claudia Ortu for Unione Popolare with De Magistris, Nicola Sanna runs with Sovereign and Popular Italy, Mario Aresu for Life.

In the Sulcis-Medio Campidano the regional councilor for the environment runs for the center-right Gianni Lampis (Fdi) against Franca Fara of the Democratic Party, Loredana La Barbera of M5S e Alberto Cacciarru of the Third Pole. Yet: Tiziana Balestrini for Italexit, Sabrina Milanovic with De Magistris, Claudio Seda of Sovereign and Popular Italy, Michela Benatti of Life.

In the college Nuoro-Oristano for the center right there is Barbara Polo, Fdi, deputy mayor of Ozieri. He will deal with it Michele Pirasformer deputy of Sel, the outgoing pentastellato senator Emiliano Fenu And Stefano Coinu of the Third Pole. The others: Roberto De Cicco for Italexit, Gian Franca Salvai with De Magistris, Valeria Soru for Sovereign and Popular Italy, Stefano Pellegrino for Life.

In the end, Sassari-Olbia: the Northern League runs for the center-right Dario Giagonifor the center-left the constitutionalist Carla Bassufor M5S the outgoing deputy Mario Perantonifor the Third Pole there is Maria Giovanna Pedoni. Yet: Roberto Luppu by Italexit, Andrea Lai for Unione Popolare with De Magistris, Annarella Casu for Sovereign and Popular Italy, Giovanni Ecca for Life.

Two colleges al Senate.

In the North Sardinia for the center-right there is the former president of the Senate Marcello Pera (chosen by Fdi), which challenges the outgoing deputy of the Democratic Party Gavino Mancathe pentastellato Marcello Cherchi And Valerio Zoccheddu of the Third Pole. The others: Gavino Fonnesu by Italexit, Lucia Brocca with De Magistris, Patrizia Piras for Sovereign and Popular Italy, Alessandro Goffi for Life.

In the South Sardinia there is the regional coordinator of Fdi Antonella Zeddathe former rector of the University of Cagliari against her Maria Del Zompo for the center left, Sabrina Licheriformer mayor of Assemini, for the Movimento 5 Stelle e Claudia Medda of the Third Pole. Then there are Antonella Atzei for Italexit, Giovanni Fancello with De Magistris, Nicola Di Cesare for Sovereign and Popular Italy, Maria Luisa Businco for Life.


Unique regional colleges to the proportional one, one for the Chamber and one for the Senate.

All the names in the House.

Brothers of Italy: Salvatore Deidda, Paola Frassinetti, Francesco Mura, Manuela Lai.

Lega-Psd’Az: Lina Lunesu, Nanni Lancioni, Giulia Solinas, Ivan Cermelli.

Forza Italy: Pietro Pittalis, Ada Lai, Ugo Cappellacci, Pasqualina Bardino.

We Moderates: Stefano Tunis, Renata Mura, Francesco Quargnenti, Lucia Scano.

Pd: Silvio Lai, Romina Mura, Francesco Lilliu, Carla Bassu.

Green-Left Alliance: Francesca Ghirra, Alessandro Marcellino, Giulia Andreozzi, Roberto Uzzau.

More Europe: Pietrina Putzolu, Andrea Boni, Valeria Lai, Roberto Baldi.

Civic commitment: Luigi Di Maio, Rosa Maria Argiolas, Francesco D’Uva, Dalila Nesci.

M5S: Alessandra Todde, Emiliano Fenu, Mario Perantoni, Susanna Cherchi.

Third Pole: Elena Bonetti, Giuseppe Luigi Cucca, Laura Pinna, Francesco Chessa.

Italexit: Gianmario Muggiri, Shaila Cappuccio, Jonata Cancedda, Marina Tolu.

Popular Union with De Magistris: Giulia Suella, Piero Mura, Veronica Secci, Silvio Keivan Nemati Fard.

Sovereign and Popular Italy: Stefano D’Andrea, Valeria Soru, Claudio Seda, Annarella Casu.

Life: Stefano Pellegrino, Annalisa Porru, Mario Aresu, Michela Benatti.

These instead are the price lists for the Senate.

Brothers of Italy: Antonella Zedda, Giovannino Satta, Federica Porcu.

Lega-Psd’Az: Carlo Doria, Roberta Loi, Michele Ennas.

Forza Italy: Angelo Cocciu, Rita Ragatzu, Luigi Mureddu.

We Moderates: Toti Deriu, Carla Cuccu, Andrea Floris.

Pd: Marco Meloni, Maria Del Zompo, Antonio Solinas.

Green-Left Alliance: Gianni Manca, Lalla Careddu, Renzo Venturoli.

More Europe: Nicola Carboni, Ignazia Concas, Cristiano Marcatelli.

Civic commitment: Luciano Cadeddu, Ramona Mirella Ilau, Sergio Vaccaro.

M5S: Ettore Licheri, Sabrina Licheri, Gianluca Lai.

Third Pole: Guido Garau, Elvira Evangelista, Maurizio Cerniglia.

Italexit: Giovanna Nurra, Tamara Di Iorio, Fabio Viviani.

Popular Union with De Magistris: Teresa Concu, Antonio Satta, Asmaa Oug.

Sovereign and Popular Italy: Anna Paola Usai, Samuele Mereu, Patrizia Piras.

Life: Maria Luisa Businco, Alessandro Goffi.

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