Elections, Yes and Greens: agreement with the Pd with responsibility. Meeting between Letta, Fratoianni and Bonelli


Italian left who believes that the agreement also includes M5S but for the Democratic Party the “perimeter of alliances does not change”. Calenda: “The pact with the Democratic Party is credible, no to add another that contradicts it.” Renzi: the veto of the Democratic Party opens up space for us. The Nazarene’s reply: a very harsh judgment on him and without appeal. Salvini: immediately deduct premiums, overtime and salary increases. Berlusconi: with us in the government flat tax for all at 23%

  • Yes and Verdi, in agreement with the Pd with responsibility

    “Green Europe and the Italian Left with the meetings of their respective governing bodies have decided to build an electoral agreement with the Democratic Party because we consider the reasons for defending the Constitution, environmental and social justice a priority in this delicate moment for the future of our country which requires maximum responsibility. With this spirit and awareness we are preparing to meet the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta ». Angelo Bonelli and Nicola Fratoianni declare it

  • Pd: good Yes but alliances perimeter does not change

    «We welcome and express appreciation for the decision taken today by the National Assembly of the Italian Left. At the same time, we confirm our unwillingness to reopen the discussion on the perimeter of the alliances already decided ». Sources of the Nazarene make it known

  • In the afternoon I meet Letta-Fratoianni-Bonelli

    A meeting is scheduled for the afternoon between the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, the secretary of Si, Nicola Fratoianni and the co-spokesman of the Greens, Angelo Bonelli. The summit, scheduled for yesterday, was then postponed until today. On the table the theme of alliances. The meeting is scheduled for 3 pm at the Nazarene.

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