Electricity and gas bills, better the free market or the protected one? The choice to spend less

Free market or protected? The energy crisis and the uncontrolled rise in prices are forcing families to reckon. You can choose, but it is essential to do it with the numbers on hand, to limit the stings in bill. Those under guardianship (40% of users report AdnKronos) will see a 59% increase on theelectric energy in October. According to Istat data, processed by the National Consumers Union (Unc), the increase in the free market is instead 135.9% on the cost of electricity.

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Which market is worthwhile?

The protected market for the supply of gas it will cease to exist from 1 January 2023, and the same will happen, at the beginning of 2024, for the electricity market. In this case, the rates are renegotiated every three months at the Arera, the Energy Authority. Those who choose the free market instead negotiate their own directly with suppliers, selecting from time to time the one that offers the most advantageous conditions from among the latter.

Negotiate the price

The offer can therefore vary constantly. Choosing a fixed price today for several years can lead to higher spending. Those who receive the protection will not be able to negotiate the cost of energy and will undergo the changes agreed by Arera, while those who rely on the free market will have to negotiate a new contract with the current supplier, or with a new one to have more advantageous conditions. Determining what is most convenient at the moment is complicated.

What to choose

Confcommercio requested that the protected market (as regards gas) be extended beyond January 2023: “The now out of control increases in the values ​​of energy raw materials, which have reached abnormal levels in recent months due to the continuing war in Ukraine, an extension of the deadline is necessary “. Furthermore, in a note the confederation explained that “the average price of offers in the free market has grown by + 78% compared to a year ago” and that “the protected market offers greater guarantees on prices”.

A position also shared by the National Union of Consumers. If, as Confcommercio says, “the average price of offers in the free market has grown by + 78% compared to a year ago” for families, “the comparison between free and protected markets is even worse,” said President Massimiliano Dona. “In short, the end of the protected market must be postponed not only for micro-enterprises but also for families. We have been asking for it for some time, it would be suicide to eliminate the protected in this moment of crazy prices. The end of the protected gas market scheduled for January 1, 2023 must at least be in line with that of electricity, scheduled instead for January 10, 2024 “, his words.

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