Electricity bills, up to 1,100 euros more for families in one year

Over 1,100 euros more in spending on the electricity bill in one year. This is the increase that the typical family will have to support, with an annual consumption of 2,700 kilowatt hours, under the highest protection regime according to the simulations that Altroconsumo has prepared for The sun 24 hours. Another primary association, the National Consumers Union, adds the comparison between the various tariff adjustments and the most stinging was that of last week, followed by the two increases of last cold season.

Three families compared

But here are the energy counts developed by Altroconsumo for The sun 24 hours. The association founded in 1973 analyzed the change in the estimate of annual expenditure calculated respectively in the last quarter of 2021 and in the last three months of 2022 (which, as is well known, discount a 59% increase in the cost of electricity according to the data communicated at the end of September by the Arera) and has lined up the relative impact for three different consumption profiles: a family of two with annual consumption of 1,900 kilowatt hours (and a power meter equal to 3 kilowatts); a family of three with an annual consumption of 2,700 kilowatt hours and a power of 3 kilowatts; and a core made up of 4 components with large consumptions (4 thousand kilowatt hours per year) and a 6 kilowatt meter. Based on the calculations carried out by Altroconsumo, for the family of two the estimated annual expenditure in 2021 was equal to 441.4 euros which rises to 1,231.97 euros considering the data of the last three months of this year, with a difference of 790 euros (+ 179%). The gap, in the case of a family of 3 people with average electricity consumption, exceeds 1,135 euros: in 2021, in fact, the same nucleus had paid out 590.94 euros for electricity, while in 2022 it will spend 1,726.6 euros. euro (+ 192%). And, even in the last case, the comparison is very heavy: it goes from € 946.96 in 2021 to € 2,646.94 this year. Almost 1,700 euros more (+ 171%).

The ranking of price increases

When and to what extent did the Arera authority significantly increase electricity bills? The National Consumers Union has lined up the tweaks, many of which are the October updates of the different years. The most severe increase is the one present on 1 October 2022, + 59%. They are followed by the size of January 1, 2022 (+ 55%) and October 2021 (+ 29.8%).

Back in time, the adjustments become milder, such as October 2020 (+ 15.6%), that of April 2012 (+ 10.4%), July 2021 (+ 9.9%), October 2018 (+ 7.6%).

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The UNC has also proposed an estimate of expenditure for the typical household (2,700 kilowatt hours per year, a committed power of 3 kilowatts, and 1,400 cubic meters per year for gas), compared to autumn 2021 the autumn electricity bill would increase from 200 to 445 euros (+ 122.3%). For gas, even if the price did not increase in October and remained the same as in September 2022, the annual bill of a typical family would be 1,731 euros which, added to the 1,782 annual electricity bills, total an annual energy bill of 3,513 euros.

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