Electricity for free. Alpha 311

One of the key criticisms of wind turbines is their dependence on the weather: the lack of sufficient wind strength means a break in power production. The turbines developed by the British company Alpha 311 work regardless of the weather. They are driven by wind – also the wind generated by cars.

The Alpha 311 turbine does not require much space – it looks a bit like a bulky cylinder with a Savonius turbine inside. Thanks to this, it can be mounted in many places where larger, propeller turbines would not fit. This is one of its key features, because the manufacturer assumes that the Alpha 311 will be installed in places where the lack of natural wind will not stop power production. How is this possible?

The Alpha 311 turbine, designed by the company of the same name, was built to be driven not only by ordinary wind, but also by a breeze generated by passing cars.

As Alpha 311 boss Barry Thompson notes: “Cars and trucks pass us many times every day. They will stay with us for a long time, so let’s make them work for the environment and local communities.

An example of the use of the Alpha 311 turbine is to mount it in the poles of roadside lamps, thanks to which the cars themselves generate the electricity needed to illuminate the roads. The creators of this atypical wind turbine also draw attention to the fact that local electricity production allows for savings related to the construction of infrastructure and reduction of energy transmission costs.

Solar panels for the production of algae.  Food and energy from the sun

Solar panels for the production of algae. Food and energy from the sun

At the same time, the Alpha 311 turbine is very efficient – the manufacturer declares that, located near a busy road, it is able to generate as much electricity as 20 square meters solar panels.

Alpha 311 is here a mature, ready-made productand not just an interesting prototype. The first devices of this type have already been placed at London’s O2 Arena and selected locations in central London.

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