Electricity prices 2022. ERO on electricity price increases and tariffs

At this stage, I can say that we estimate that the increases in electricity prices from 1 January 2022 will be double-digit – reported TVN24 Biznes Magdalena Dąbrowska from the Department of Social Communication of the Energy Regulatory Office.

Dąbrowska explained that all tariff proceedings regarding energy prices for household consumers and distribution fee rates for 2022 “are in progress”.

“We plan to publish new prices and rates on December 17 this year.” – she wrote.

“We are in the process of correspondence with enterprises, so it is premature to indicate what level of prices or rates of fees will ultimately be considered justified by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office,” said the representative of the Energy Regulatory Office.

Increase in energy prices

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office accepts tariff applications, then they are analyzed and approved, or the president calls on the trading companies to correct them. An energy undertaking may introduce a tariff to be applied not earlier than after 14 days and not later than 45 days from the date of its publication by the President of the ERO.

Applications to the ERO are submitted by state-controlled sellers: Enea, Energa Obrót, PGE Obrót and Tauron Sprzedaż. In turn, for example, Innogy, which will soon operate under the name E.ON Polska, is one of the energy companies that shapes the price list itself. For this purpose, he does not have to submit a tariff application to the ERO.


Electricity price increases – forecasts

Analysts of the Polish Economic Institute forecast that electricity prices for households in 2022 will increase by 12%.

“The amount of the increases will depend on the decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. The decision is made on the basis of the costs of energy generation and distribution. The largest price increases are related to charges for CO2 emissions and, indirectly, the increase in the cost of coal. Press comments indicate that energy companies want to apply for tariff increases. by 20-30 percent ” – it was written.

“The final increase in bills will be lower – the increases will reach 12 percent. The URE’s decision will probably be in the range of 10-15 percent. Currently, we already know the effect of increasing the capacity fee – with average consumption it will increase the bill by about 1.5 percent. This will add an additional 0, 1 point to inflation “- added.

Project of compensation for increases in electricity prices

At the beginning of November, Deputy Minister of Finance, Piotr Patkowski, announced that a compensation project for people at risk of energy poverty was ready, in its current version it concerns approx. 1 million households and the cost is approx. PLN 1.5 billion.

He explained that the amount of the support will be paid monthly and its amount will depend on the size of the household.

In accordance with the draft amendment to the Energy Law presented earlier by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, the group of entitled to receive an energy allowance would be expanded (the income criterion was PLN 1,563 for a single-person household and PLN 1,115 / person for a multi-person household). According to the assumptions, the subsidies are to range from PLN 324 to PLN 876 per year.

In December 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin promised that energy prices for individual consumers would not increase in 2020. – Increase for individual recipients will not be – he assured. Meanwhile, the bills have risen.

At the same time, a concept of compensation for pay rises appeared in the government. In January, Sasin announced that the compensations would be directed to “almost everyone”, but because Poland is limited by EU regulations on illegal state aid for energy companies, “the popularity of these compensations cannot be complete”.

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