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Electronic Arts have started a Project Atlas test phase. The features of the cloud streaming service are accessible in FIFA 19, Need for Speed ​​Rivals, Titanfall 2 and Unravel for PC.

Electronic Arts have started a two-week public test for its cloud streaming service called Project Atlas.

Players wishing to participate and who are registered with the Origin platform can, therefore, enjoy four titles in the cloud: FIFA 19Need for Speed ​​RivalsTitanfall 2 and Unravel.

In a post published on Medium, EA’s chief technology officer, Ken Moss, wrote: “We will take an important step on this learning journey, as we host an exclusive external trial for our players, to experiment with the EA titles broadcast in the cloud. “

“Our goal is to collect more large-scale inputs to test the performance and quality of the service under a variety of network conditions,” he added. “While this test will focus on cloud titles for PCs, we are also working to evaluate performance on other devices. But above all, we are here to learn and improve the cloud gaming experience for our users.”

To test the electronic gaming cloud gaming you can register at this address.

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