Elegant short dresses, four mistakes not to make when wearing it (if you are not tall)

Knee-high boots are trendy (yes, even in summer, see Emily Ratajkowski) and can be perfect with short dresses, but you have to pay attention to the length of the garment. If the latter ends just a few millimeters above the knees, wearing the boots will result in a visual reduction in your height. The best solution is to choose a minidress that plays literally the meaning of the word “mini”. Do not be afraid of making missteps: it is sufficient for the dress to stop about ten centimeters above the knee, a length that will not make you risk showing more than you would like.

Stay away from loose clothing

Christian Vierig

If you wear very loose short dresses, which do not highlight the lines of your silhouette, the risk is to get lost in an ocean of fabric, with the consequence of losing centimeters in the eyes of the observer. Obviously, no one forces you to wear an ultra-snug sheath dress. To make the figure slender, just opt ​​for garments that discreetly highlight the waistline or body contours.

The importance of the waist


The reasoning is similar to that of the previous paragraph. Avoid dresses characterized by the square line, because they do not mark the waistline. Instead, opt for those that narrow above the hips. On closer inspection, the same logic that applies to trousers applies: high-waisted ones slender you. Never underestimate the importance of the waist when choosing a dress.

This article was originally published on Vogue Mexico.

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