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didn’t cost muchElevator,” first-degree robbery” Ranked No. 1 in views Netflix. The film was produced by multi-million dollar production company Harbeat Kevin Hartin which he and a Spanish woman Ursula Corbero – Among other things – At just over 100 minutes long, the film condenses action and some humor amid a large cast.

The film, directed by F. Gary Gray, tells the story of a group of art criminals headed by Cyrus (played by Kevin Hart). In the beginning, this group of characters tries to steal an NFT created by a young digital artist N8 (Jacob Batalon) in Vienna. It took place during the auction and was closely watched by the Interpol unit responsible for the cultural heritage sector.

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Although the original story focuses on the Italian city, Cyrus’ team is actually in London robbing a Van Gogh work. The piece will then be sold on the black market. “We rescue art from unworthy owners” is the philosophy of the team of thieves.

Although Cyrus believes he has everything under control, the truth is that the above-mentioned Interpol unit, led by his former partner Abby (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), has put together a plan that will They were all sent to jail for judicial cases. Even the “King of Pretend” Denton, Vincent D’Onofrio.

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To avoid jail, Cyrus and his companions decide to accept a mission assigned by Interpol: to steal $500 billion worth of gold bars owned by millionaire Lars Jorgensen (played by Jean Reno). As F. Gary Gray and multiple Netflix and Hart fan pages have pointed out, the biggest challenge here was appropriating the vast amount of footage from “40,000 Feet Above the Ground.”

“Elevator, First Degree Robbery” Ending Explained

Perhaps the biggest part of the action is “Raise a case of first-degree robbery.The story ends with Cyrus, Camila (Ursula Corbero) and Abby trying to protect the gold from Leviathan hackers, who Jorgensen will allegedly pay to hack Bodies of water in certain geographical areas of the Earth.

Flying a borrowed plane, Camilla must perform to the best of her abilities while, just steps behind Cyrus and Abby, she engages in a furious battle with two Leviathan villains fighting. The pilots leave no stone unturned to create a chaotic dispute fraught with risks, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough: the group duels don’t seem to stop.

“Elevator: Heist Level 1” trailer

After releasing her, Cyrus and Abby head to the cabin, where they discover that Abby has a broken wrist, meaning she won’t be able to land the plane safely. This is when the team leader takes charge and completes the task. But the landing is so bad that everyone ends up suffering.

in a stressful situation crescendo, the plane crashed and was destroyed, but the passengers on board survived in an incredible way. What seems like a feat changes tone in seconds when Jorgensen’s killer soon appears and points his weapon at Cyrus, Abby, and Camila.

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“Do you remember Venice? I really liked that NFT,” Cyrus told Jorgensen.

At another location anywhere in the world, Denton reappears and in a very low voice tells Mi-Sun (Kim Yoon-Ji), the team’s hacker, to follow his leader’s instructions.

Behind Jorgensen appears the leader of Leviathan (Martina Avogadry). She tells the billionaire that the deal is over because the intruders are from Interpol. Unexpectedly, the businessman shot her, first wounding her and then killing her.

Here comes the key part, and the reward for those who carefully followed the NFT at the beginning of the tape: In fact, Cyrus had ordered that everything recorded by the cameras on the plane be projected onto the back of the plane..

“Elevator, First Class Heist” has a diverse cast. There may be a sequel, but it leaves a lot to be desired. (Photo: Netflix)

By this time, Interpol had arrived at the scene.

“Some people say NFTs are useless,” Hart began. He then seemed to defend the genre, led by Kevin Hart himself, saying: “I believe everything is art and it’s all up to the artist.”

Through the projection, Interpol agents can see that it was Jorgen who shot the Leviathan boss, not Cyrus and his companions. So they arrested him.

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What will the sequel to “LIFT” be about?

Now far away from all danger, in a paradise realm, members of this gang celebrate by stealing art heads. Abby went with them and really felt at peace.

En route to this dimension, Cyrus reveals how vault thief Magnus (Billy Magnussen) creates fake gold bars to replace the real ones. So when the Interpol captain wanted to inspect the stolen goods, he realized he had been deceived by his “partners.”

“Welcome to the team, Agent Gladwell,” Cyrus told him, a statement that gave him a lot to think about the future. The kiss happened. Everyone seemed to be celebrating the less-than-enthusiastic couple’s reconciliation.

The veteran Jean Reno is a good villain, although his role is limited. (Photo: Netflix)

The film’s director, F. Gary Gray, has said that the story of the “Elevator” starring team could be expanded, but he quickly fleshed out the story, making it clear that it’s up to Netflix first and, second, It’s Harbeat, Kevin Hart’s production company.

To be sure, Hartbeat has made a lot of movies in recent years, but few sequels and even fewer saga. If they decide to do this this time, because these are the “merits” of criminal gangs, there will be a lot involved.

The couple who performed “Lift” weren’t the best. Chemistry is lacking and should be improved if a sequel is considered. (Photo: Netflix)

“I think it’s Netflix’s choice. I think they have a chance to do a sequel. They might have a chance to get a franchise. I think it’s above my pay grade, but I think based on the response, there’s a lot in it,” Gary said. There’s a chance, and I think Netflix, Kevin, and the cast are going to have a lot to do with whether that happens. “Accepted variety show interview.

Thieves can continue their artistic expertise and travel through different museums to steal other paintings, works and even monuments. But it depends on a better script, the results will be better. Because “Elevator” has color, scenery, and charm, but a bland plot and no great innovation to withstand hateful comparisons. Between The Fast and the Furious and La Casa de Papel, the bar for turning this proposition into a sustainable franchise is high. Still, if Netflix is ​​eager to stay close and happy with Hart, it’s unlikely to turn him down.

lift.first degree robbery/netflix

straighta: F. Gary Gray

Throw: Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio, Úrsula Curbero, Billy Magnussen

summary: An international gang of thieves headed by Cyrus Whitaker (played by Kevin Hart) is about to commit a big crime: stealing 500 million gold from a passenger plane at an altitude of 12,000 meters!

period: 104 minutes

gender: action, comedy

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