Elif episode 1048 synopsis – Leman humiliates Jülide. Mahir tries to dissuade his mother from giving Macide new drugs

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Elif synopsis of episode 1048 – what will happen? The premiere episode of the Turkish series will be broadcast on Tuesday, September 14 at 14:00. The production can also be viewed at

Elif episode 1048 – Leman is unable to accept the fact that she was faced with a fait accompli. He humiliates Jülide in the presence of his son. Şafak decides to stay with a friend until the day they get married. Leman is devastated by the passing of his son. Mahir tries to dissuade his mother from giving Macide new drugs. She can’t believe Kiymet is so ruthless.

The fire station – trailer of the new TVP series

Elif 1048 abstract

Elif is a Turkish series that has been produced on Kanal 7 since 2014. The series came to Poland in 2014 and has gained thousands of fans on the march, who follow the fate of the characters every day. So far, over 900 episodes of this Turkish soap opera have been produced.

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