Elio Berhanyer, Anne Hathaway return to Bulgari or travel with books: luxury goods not to be missed

Discover all the news worth knowing about the luxury industry.

One of the news that is shaking up the fashion and luxury industry in our country these days is the announcement of the return of a brand named after a great designer.

Elio Bohanye. Balenciaga,

pertegaz Paco Rabanne or Paco Rabanne is a designer whose success and sophistication can be measured by the haute couture designs of Berhanyer, the last of the great designers

teacher The signature has not yet been resurrected by the Spaniard.

New series in the news that we want to discover

madrid and wonderful initiatives, Bulgari stands out together with the association

save the child. Actress Anne Hathaway is one of the advocates for Support Children, which raises funds for the less fortunate.

No matter how boring January seems, we always find excuses to escape the city for the weekend, visit other people, and live in luxury.as

Milanwhich is again the object of analysis in Volume 2

Sabato of Sarno has been designed for

Gucci: Just ahead of his first menswear show next summer, the designer launches this new book.

Gucci Prospective 2: Ancora Milanopromises to make us fall in love with this Italian city and plan a trip that takes us off the beaten track.

in front of Elliot

Sergio de Lázaro, creative director of Otrura and now creative director of Elio Berhanyer.

Elio Bohanye In 2011, he was forced to close his company due to the crisis that gripped the world.When he passed away in 2019, his family already had plans to relaunch the brand; they just wanted to be with

sergei of lazarus,Creative Director

otrulaJust took over the reins of the master’s house.The first series will be launched next February in

Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week. This expectation exceeds all imaginable limits and is impossible.

Anne Hathaway and Bulgari

Anne Hathaway poses for Bulgari. /

Jewelry Shop Alliance

Bulgari with NGOs

save the child 15th birthday, celebrating raising $105 million to help little kids. In 2024, in conjunction with the #WITHMEWITHYOU campaign, the company launched a new necklace designed with STC in mind, the sales of which will also contribute to the cause.Known faces such as

Anne Hathaway or Jon Cotaggarena They joined this alliance and contributed their grain of sand.

Michael’s Tribeca

The name of the spring bag is

Tribeca and

Michael Kors It has shown us new colors and every time we wear it we can bring joy to the world. Made from padded leather with a long, multi-position chain, it’s already considered the most versatile bag of the season. As for this latest model from the company, we can’t wait to add other new features in February. We will wait!

Gucci future

Image from the book “Gucci Prosptive 2: Ancora Milano”. /

Sabato of Sarno,Creative Director

Guccihe fell in love with

Milan.Or maybe this is the conclusion we came to after the launch of the second book

Gucci future.This second sample

ancolamilan is an ode to the Italian city, exploring the artistic and cultural trends that build Milan’s visual identity.curator

Paola Antonelliis an authoritative book that will make us want to travel to Milan and see the city from another perspective.

Benetti family fortune

Cover of the book “Benetti” by Assouline.

For more than 150 years, this family

Benetti He built his first boat, little did he know that it would become a benchmark in the luxury industry and that his yacht would become the object of desire and favorite toy of all the billionaires in the world.editorial

assulin The book includes the family name, the family’s success story and a photographic summary of the family’s most spectacular yachts.

Swarovski at the Vienna Opera House

A crown of pure brilliance.This is our great contribution

Swarovski arrive

Vienna Opera Ball 2024. This event for high society celebrities has been decorated with creations from this great jewelry brand for more than a decade. Swarovski Global Creative Director,

Giovanna EngelbertResponsible for the design of this special piece, which features 233 mixed-cut clear crystals in decreasing sizes. No. 160

debutante girl In this version, they will be wearing the same outfits they are pictured wearing at major events of the year.

Ultramar tableware x Josep font

Image of tableware created in collaboration with Vajillas de Ultramar and Josep Font.

designer art

Joseph Wundt Combining expertise and savoir-faire with the ceramics he claims

Overseas tableware The result is a well-crafted board game that will be the perfect ally for all your meetings. “In this tableware collection I wanted to create a very personal interpretation based on the study of volumes, organic structures and decoration. These concepts have been present throughout my life. The pieces are made following handmade methods and attention to detail And created, this makes each piece unique,” said the designer.

Assumption Tabu

Assumpta Bou Ring Set.

in the company’s studio in Barcelona

Assumption Tabu Due to the uniqueness of its creations, it has become one of the special luxury brands: it is one of the few jewelry stores that makes exquisite archaeologically inspired jewelry. Ancient Oriental, Egyptian, Greco-Roman or African cultures are the source of inspiration for the Assumpta collection and are part of its logo. Authentic work of art in the form of jewelry.

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