Elisa Bara and JP Schapper debut duo this weekend

Friends in life and on stage, Elisa and JP Schapper prepare the duo’s debut show (Photo: Disclosure)

Friends practically since birth, the duo formed by Elisa Bara and JP Schapper will play their first show next Saturday, at 8:30 pm, at Vintage Pub Music, in the São Pedro neighborhood. The 17 and 18-year-olds, respectively, have been friends since they were 2 years old, when they met at school, and Elisa – who in addition to being a singer is an actress and storyteller – took the stage as a baby for the first time, having participated in at least 25 shows since then, in addition to participating in the short film “Casa de doll” and as a vocalist in two bands. JP’s artistic journey began at age 8, when he started playing the piano, and was part of local bands, in addition to participating in other projects.
Before forming the project to play at night, the duo performed at the celebrations of International Women’s Day, in 2018, and this year at events at UniAcademia and Colégio Cave. According to Elisa, the idea of ​​putting together a voice and guitar repertoire came at the beginning of the year. “I always wanted to start singing in bars, but there was always the difficulty of not mastering the guitar well. So I started thinking about this project and invited JP to be with me on this one! We both already had experiences together on stage, and an immense complicity! Whenever we saw each other, on any occasion, we would pick up the guitar and sing something together. So I thought: why not make this a project? I also knew of his desire to delve even more into art. So we combine the useful with the pleasant, and the result is this show of great delivery!”
Even having worked together on other occasions, JP Schapper confesses that he is anxious for people to see the fruit of so much work and dedication. “I hope that those who are watching feel, at least a little, the emotion that we felt while we rehearsed and saw the project being ready, that they feel the joy that it was to put this project on its feet. I’m very excited to see what the audience will think of the show, looking forward to seeing the faces of my friends and family when they hear the songs, which are of the most varied styles. The show was made with a lot of love and care!”, he says.
For the project, the duo selected no less than 38 national and international pop rock songs, as well as MPB. The list includes, among others, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Kid Abelha, Baco Exu do Blues, Glória Groove, Bruno Mars, Billie Eilish and Radiohead. “Actually, this issue of the repertoire was more difficult at the beginning, because we were thinking about songs that would reach all audiences. But then we decided to play what we really like to hear in our daily lives”, says JP. “Our musical tastes are very similar, so it was easy to reach a consensus that would make the show very similar to us”, adds Elisa.
JP and Elisa are already thinking about the next performances, while they wait to see the audience return at this premiere to see if the repertoire will work as a whole – and, who knows, even present a song made by the two. “It’s a song by Elisa, with my arrangement. For the future, we are definitely thinking about making other original songs public”, concludes JP.

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