Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Deceives Followers by Appearing Bald

The 18-year-old model is famous for photos sporting her long hair on social media

The model son of actress Elizabeth Hurley surprised her fans and followers on social media by sharing on Instagram a photo in which she appears bald. Now 18 and famous for his long hair, Damian first published the record without any captions. However, due to the commotion caused by the image, he updated the post explaining that the bald spot is fake.

“Update: I love you so much hahaha but I’m not bald”, explained the boy. “It is a prosthesis for a new project, but I thank you for the cute comments. Now I’m tempted to shave for real ”.

Model and photographer Damien Hurley, son of actress Elizabeth Hurley (Photo: Instagram)

A model and photographer, Damien appear shirtless, bald, and holding a camera on the record that caused a commotion. The surprise with the image comes from the constant photos shared by him showing his long hair.

Damien and Elizabeth Hurley (Photo: Instagram)

Damien is the result of his mother’s relationship with businessman Steve Bing (1965-2020). A film producer and screenwriter, Bing died in June last year after falling from the 27th floor of the building in which he lived, in an alleged suicide. His death was mourned by his son and ex in social media posts.

Producer Steve Bing with actress Elizabeth Hurley and model Damian Hurley, son of the former couple (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

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