Elizabeth Olsen is done with Scarlet Witch and Marvel

September 2, 2023


Richard Martini

It is the dream of many actors: to embody a superhero in the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, such a long-term commitment to a movie studio isn’t for everyone. For example, actress Elizabeth Olsen thinks it’s time to leave behind her Scarlet Witch persona.

In an interview, the actress expressed her desire to play other characters than the beloved superheroine.

“No longevity in a single character”
In the interview, the actress says that she still doesn’t know exactly what the next few years of her career will look like. “I’m still figuring it out. Because anyway, for the past four years, my outlet has been Marvel. It’s not that I don’t want to be associated with that character, but I feel like I have to rebuild other things as well to create balance.” Olsen.

Olsen is therefore eager to put new film projects on her agenda. “I so want to make films. And I hope that some of them will come to fruition in the way I think possible. But yeah, that’s something I need. I just need more different characters in my life. There is no longevity in a single character”.