Elle Fanning today between empowerment and business with her sister Dakota

A pink cloud and a joyful smile that comes with a shrill voice: “Here I am, Elle for Elle“. The small one Fanning was in Cannes as ambassador of L’Oréal Paris: she and her “sisters” of the Dream team (Andie MacDowell, Kate Winslet, Viola Davis, Eva Longoria …) met on the Croisette to celebrate 25 years of Official Partnership with the festival. Before long, she will fly to London to shoot the third season of The Great where she is also a producer, a double role that now recurs more and more often, despite being only 24 years old: “I’ve been working since I was 2, I’m more confident, I’ve learned not to apologize anymore for my age”, she says referring to those who turn up their noses at meetings or can’t resist mansplaining, in front of the young producer. She is too from the new series The girl from Plainville (from 10 July on Starzplay), taken from a news story: Elle plays Michelle Carter, an 18-year-old accused of driving a boy to suicide with sms messages. She accepted the role far from lightly, she wondered for a long time «Do you really want to do it? You are a real person ». Catherine of Russia was too, but Tony McNamara’s irreverent dark comedy is admittedly “a true story only at times”. Scruples and modesty fell like pins during the first season.

Four years younger than Dakota, Elle began her career playing her sister, as a child, in My name is Sam. They mistook her for her more or less until Somewhere by Sofia Coppola. And the attempt to build a nice family feud for the use of the media, pitting them against each other, proved to be a useless and petty waste of time. Her sister is always featured in her interviews and often she names her first. They are friends and associates. They just created a production company together which goes by the name of their beloved late dog, Lewellen.

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Did you have fun in Cannes?

A lot, there was a lot of people and a nice atmosphere, the desire to celebrate and go back to the cinema all together. I believe that these two years we have really taught ourselves to live in the moment and to take nothing for granted anymore, it is a universal feeling.

She is L’Oréal Paris ambassador for make up. Who did you learn to wear makeup from? Who was peering from behind the door?

Grandma is my true role model, she still wears makeup every day. I started as a child to browse through her lockers and then I tried to redo elaborate looks … My sister Dakota is very good, much better than me, she is unbeatable at blending eyeshadows and in the “cat eyes” effect. She’s been teaching me tutorials for years … I love red carpets and enjoy preparing. I try not to take makeup too seriously, so I throw myself, experiment: it’s a form of expression, it says what we want to be.

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Elle with her sister Dakota as a child

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And she dares, even in her career. The Great it is goliardic and over the top.

It was my first comic part. We are about to start shooting the third season and by now I feel at ease in that space and with that vernacular language. In the first season, I had to get used to the tone and learned to overcome the embarrassment of certain scenes. I owe a lot to Nicholas Hoult who plays Pietro: he had already made the film The Favorite with Tony McNamara, he was used to that register and besides, he’s a very funny person with a natural knack for rhythm in acting. He helped me a lot, taught me some rules, comic timing: I love acting with him, it’s a nice “duel”.

Nicholas also started as a child. Perhaps your understanding also arises from there. How did making her debut at the age of two affect the person she became?

Surely the common experience united us … Everything I know I have learned over the years, I have worked with very different directors and actors and every time I learned a new thing, I stored it more or less consciously because I was really small in the first film … I was lucky enough to quickly understand what I wanted to do when I grew up and tried to improve myself, set after set. For example, I was always curious about the work of whoever is behind the camera, I wanted to understand how the machine worked. I will never stop acting but the desire to make a film as a director grows, and perhaps it has to do with being in the industry since I was little. I want to do my “something” someday, whether it’s a movie or a series.

What memories do you have of those early sets with Sean Penn, Eddie Murphy, Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett?

I have worked with incredible people who have taught me so much, pampered and filled with love.

the great

With Gillian Anderson in The Great

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The women in his life?

They all have a strong personality. My sister, my mother, my aunts, my grandmother, a nice group of women that I respect, mother in the lead. In her life, she always said what she thought, with kindness and respect. An example that made me the person I am … Even the discipline and seriousness I have in my work come from there. We are a sports family (mum was a professional tennis player, dad played baseball, ed) and I learned to approach a movie like a game: an important scene is the equivalent of a matchpoint. Concentration and commitment.

Speaking of women: it represents a brand that supports and values ​​the uniqueness of each of us.

The gala dinner organized by L’Oréal Paris in Cannes was such a pleasant evening, we chatted a lot, Eva Longoria told me how the maison has always been present at every important stage of her life, from her work goals to the birth of her child. , how much she felt supported and esteemed. True, there is no superficial, facade relationship, they want to know you, support your battles and your art, share the things you love in life. They empower women in a special way and it makes me happy to spread their iconic “because I’m worth”. It is a message that we must never tire of repeating.

He recently created a production company. What are the guidelines?

Yes, with my sister, during the quarantine. We have similar tastes and sensitivities, it was the natural way … We made up our minds because we have too much desire to tell our stories, even those that for various reasons we cannot interpret, because they have different perspectives or are from other cultures. We are looking at quite a few articles and books at the moment, they are mainly stories of women, because we can identify ourselves more easily but we hope to grow and broaden our horizons. The choices are quite instinctive, we just fall in love with the stories.

She is always so sunny. If I asked her sister or her closest friends “how is Elle?” what would be the first thing they would say to me?

Probably that I am emotional and passionate, that I have a good temper, that I am direct, that I do not like to sweeten things, that I go straight to the heart of the matter, I am practical, I hate frills. Among other things, I found that it is a useful quality in the work of a producer: you have no time to waste, you have to solve problems. “What do you mean? Get to the point ”: here, this is a typical phrase of mine.

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