Ellen Pompeo leaves Grey’s Anatomy to pursue other opportunities!

The veteran of Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeoheading into season 19 as Meredith Gray on ABC’s hit medical drama, is spreading her wings as an actress beyond Gray Sloan: The actress will reduce her duties at Meredith Gray to pursue other opportunities. Indeed, Signed to Hulu to Star in and Executive Produce an As-yet Untitled Orphan-Themed Miniseries.

Ellen Pompeo Spreads Her Acting Wings Beyond Gray Sloan: The actress will scale back her Meredith Gray duties to pursue other opportunities — she's signed on to Hulu to star in and executive produce an as-yet-untitled orphan-themed miniseries.
Ellen Pompeo leaves Grey’s Anatomy to pursue other opportunities!

According to sources, Pompeo will appear in a “limited capacity” — there are talks of only eight episodes (or less than half of the approximately 20-23 episodes that will be produced). She will remain as executive producer and continue to narrate each episode.

It will be fine without me too”, the actress told Deadline on the occasion of D23. “I’ll go back to Grey’s for the finale and see if we can carry it forward. I will always be a part of that show. I’m an executive producer of that show. I spent two decades of my career on that show. He’s my heart and soul and I’m never really leaving as long as the show is on.”

As for what we can expect, we know that, as a new preview has shown, Meredith will be welcoming the new residents to Gray Sloan.

That video also reminded us a bit of the very early days of Grey’s, given the bond that has been speculated between a new doctor and a head physician. “The new season will be fun. We have such an established formula and the fans know what to expect. It will be more than what we do best: laughter and tears.” Pompeo said.

As for the new Doctors arriving, “we’re really trying to set it up for the next generation”Pompeo explained in the video interview with Deadline below. “They’re all great actors… they’re excited to tell these stories. The fact that there are new people helps keep it fresh. Help all of us who have been there since the beginning. It helps keep it new and fresh.”

Ellen Pompeo will star in a new Orphan-themed Hulu miniseries

The eight-episode project is inspired by the true story of a Midwestern couple who adopt an 8-year-old girl with a rare form of dwarfism. But as they start raising her alongside their three biological children, they slowly begin to believe that the little girl is not who she says she is. As they question her story, they’re faced with the tough questions of how much they’re willing to go to defend themselves, and fall into a battle fought over the tabloids, in court, and ultimately, in their marriage.

Katie Robbins (The Affair) is the creator/writer and producer. Other producers include Pompeo’s partner Laura Holstein, showrunner Erin Levy (Mad Men), Mike Epps, Dan Spilo, Niles Kirchner and Andrew Stearn.

Jesse Williams’ reaction to the news

“That woman worked so hard all year, every year for 20 years for that franchise,” Williams, 41, told E! News’ Daily Pop in an interview. “Whatever time she takes is well deserved, and I’m sure they have a great plan.”

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Source: TVLine

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