Elodie Gossin celebrates 17 years of marriage with her husband Bertrand Lacherie by posting a touching photo

It’s been madly in love for 17 years. Elodie Gossin’s life changed on 9 December 2000 when she was crowned Miss France 2001 in Monaco. After later being voted Miss Europe and rejecting Leonardo DiCaprio, who was not too nice to her, her fairy tale really took shape when she married the former model and former contestant from the second season of the show on July 1, 2006. Operation Seduction in the Caribbean, Bertrand Lacherie. Since then, we can say that these two are swimming in happiness, especially if we are to believe their fiery declarations on social networks, but also their photos as a couple. Since special dates are not forgotten, Elodie Gossin did not miss either, Saturday, July 1, 2023, to celebrate her wedding anniversary,

Elodie Gossin in love: “I love you, and more than 17 years ago”

On her Instagram account, where she is very active, the former Miss France shared a tender snapshot of the day they met, Dressed in her white dress and wearing her gorgeous veil, Elodie Gossin glows in front of her husband. ,Rose wedding. Already 17 years old. i’m so lucky you still love me,She wrote in the caption before adding: “I love you, and more than 17 years ago.” A publication that did not fail to respond to the ex-beauty queen’s subscribers, many of whom wished her a happy wedding anniversary. “17 years and still this smile, this complexity and this love bigger than that”, “Happy Wedding Anniversary and many more beautiful years ahead of you”Can we read between the comments.

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Elodie Gossin by the bedside of her husband

Parents of four children, twins Jules and Rose and twins Josephine and Léonard, for almost twenty years, Elodie Gossin and Bertrand Lacherie have not given up on each other and support each other in both good times and bad . Recently, when the father who was celebrating his 50th birthday was admitted to the hospital. “Hosto Sham, what a romantic Bertrand Lacherie”, commented Miss France 2001 on a photo of her and her husband. Luckily, looking at their smiles and the couple’s amusing comments, we imagine it wasn’t too serious, even though the hospital stay lasted several days. Something, Somewhere To Satisfy Who Loves Elodie Gossin “play nurse” For which he gave the nickname Iron Man.

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