Elon Musk arrives at the twitter office with a sink and jokes: “Get used to the idea that I’ll be here” “

Elon Musk has already changed status on his public Twitter profile to “Chief Twit” before the court-imposed deadline on Friday to buy the company, after the rapprochement following months of contention, which also resulted in a legal dispute, with the billionaire. which is preparing to buy the microblogging platform for 44 billion euros. Musk immediately went to the company’s San Francisco offices, taking a sink with him. Obviously, by posting on Twitter a video and an ironic phrase “Let’s that sink in”, with a game on the meaning of the word ‘sink’: ‘sink’ or ‘digest’ in short “get used to the idea that I’ll be here, you’ll have to hold me down” . For some, the meaning could also refer in an arrogant way to the stock market thuds that were overcome after the announcement of the offer. Last April, the billionaire owner of Tesla and Space X proposed buying the social network for $ 44 billion. The negotiation, however, has become complicated with Musk’s requests to know the number of active spam accounts on the platform, which the entrepreneur claims are higher than the 5% declared by the company. a rapprochement has arrived between the parties, with Musk expected to finalize the purchase.

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