Elon Musk bought Twitter

The visionary entrepreneur acquired Twitter for $ 44 billion. After the takeover, he immediately fired all top management

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“It thundered so much that in the end it rained.” Elon Musk, the richest man in the world and CEO of Tesla, has acquired the social network Twitter for an astronomical sum of 44 billion dollars. The American entrepreneur has published a tweet that contains the textual words: “the bird is freed”, or the freed bird. In a surprise move, he immediately fired four top managers, including CEO Parag Agrawal, chief financial officer, Ned Segal, head of legal affairs and policyVijaya Gadde and general counsel Sean Edgett.

Will Twitter be freer?

Elon Musk said he decided to acquire Twitter because “he wants to help the humanity he loves”. The entrepreneur explained that this is not an operation designed to generate profit, citing ethical reasons behind the choice to take over the well-known social network of which Elon Musk is a regular user. According to the Tesla boss, thanks to this acquisition Twitter will be freer, as well as a place where people can civilly express their opinion.

musk reassures the skeptics

Musk reassured that Twitter will not become a digital space where everyone will be free to publish anything, but there will be tight control over what will be posted. Buying Twitter was a kind of soap opera that lasted for several months, even for the agreed price, so much so that at a certain point Musk seemed willing to take a step back. The American entrepreneur had also accused the social network of breach of contract, but in the end came the “obvious” acquisition of the famous social network.

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