Elon Musk quietly testing Giga Berlin assembly lines? Fans tracked the fresh Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk is still unable to move forward in full swing at the German Giga Berlin, but this does not prevent Tesla from getting ready for production. Observers of the factory grounds have just noticed something interesting and speculate that it is the first fresh pre-production Tesla Model Y.

In the Giga Berlin parking lot, they discovered a fresh Tesla Model Y with tinted windows

Tesla fans speculate on Twitter that Elon Musk is quietly testing assembly lines. One of them posted photos of the fresh Model Y with tinted windows, which was standing in the parking lot of the German Giga Berlin. Where do the presumptions come from that Tesla is already close to start production?

If you look closely, the electric car looks great at first glance. This is evidenced by the very consistent gaps between the panels. It is also not a car that was exported from China because it does not have mud flaps. Moreover, the lack of registration numbers suggests that this is a pre-production model.

The factory in Grünheide can get ready to start production

The alleged pre-production Model Y units were spotted at Giga Berlin late last week, around November 18. Three models of the Model Y, in white, red and black, passed the Giga Berlin test track several times. Two days later, a black Tesla Model Y was photographed in a factory parking lot.

The photos show that it is a Dual Motor Model Y. If you look at the Tesla Configurator in Germany, Tesla’s Dual Motor Model Y Performance deliveries are scheduled for early 2022. The Dual Motor Long Range version will appear around February next year.

Tesla Model Y Elon Musk Giga Berlin 2
Twitter: Tobias Lindh

Elon Musk is still waiting for approval from the Brandenburg Environment Authority. It is necessary to officially start production of the Model Y in a factory near Berlin.

Last week, a new round of debates began over the possibility of granting a start-up permit for the Tesla Giga Berlin. Even if the final decision would be made in days, it should not be counted that Tesla will deliver cars from the German factory this year.

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