Elon Musk, Tesla upsets the plans for 2023

According to some, life is a circle and you always go back to where it all began. Elon Musk seems to think so too as Tesla’s CEO announced the return of a car that literally started his business.

Who said there is no going home? You can ask Elon Musk, Tesla’s inventor who is preparing to go back to basics. The announcement is official.

Elon MuskBusiness Insider 10_08_2022 Quattromania
Elon Musk (Business Insider)

Where everything is started

The story of Tesla, a very famous brand today that attracts investors like flies on honey, starts about twenty years ago: it was 2003 when two far-sighted businessmen named Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning decided to fill in the void left on the market by the withdrawal of the GM EV-1, the first true electric car produced by a major American brand, creating their electric car.

Few know but Elon Musktoday CEO of the brand, at the time he was just an investor who joined the company with a large sum of money that made it possible to create the very first car to carry the Tesla brand, a car that did not even have an original design, being inspired by the British Lotus Elise in a convertible version.

The car known as the Tesla Roadster was produced in a limited series but it undoubtedly rocked the market upon its arrival: it was the first sports car to truly demonstrate the potential of the electric motor and above all, to prove that yes, a battery-powered car. it can easily match the performance of its petrol-powered “colleagues” and overcome them. Why this introduction, you ask?

We go back to the origins

The answer is simple: we are getting closer and closer to 2023, the year in which Elon Musk officially promised the return of the car that started it all: the Tesla Roadster will return to the streets from all over the world, even in Italy. On the Californian brand’s website you can already book the car even if for now, we only have a few photos to get an idea of ​​what car it will be.

Curiously, the only photos available show a hardtop coupe rather than a spider. But shouldn’t a car called a Roadster be a convertible? Musk on the other hand promises him record performance for the car that will be able to take from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 1.9 seconds from a standstill, stuff worthy of a sports car.

New Tesla 10_08_2022 Quattromania
In 2023, Tesla Roadster (Tesla) returns

Tesla therefore plans to expand the list with the Semi and Cybertruck heavy vehicles and with this supercar, decidedly more aggressive than the Model S. In Italy, the car you can already book with a € 39,000 bank transfer or a € 4,000 bank transfer from your credit card. Are you among the people who have already left a deposit? Let us know!

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