Elon Musk wants to implant brain chips as early as 2022. Good reason

During a live interview at The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit Elon Musk He said the microchip works fine in monkeys for now. “Earlier this year, we published a video showing a monkey playing the video game Pong, telepathically, using a device connected to its brain cells,” he said.

A chance for fitness

Photo: Press materials

“ We do a lot of testing to make sure it’s safe and reliable and that the device is safe to remove, ” said Musk, whose company Neuralink, deals with the technology of brain interfaces.

The multi-billionaire hopes that the device will be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and will be able to use it next year help people with severe spinal cord injuries. Musk hopes that the device will help restore patients to full fitness – he sees an opportunity to help people who cannot walk.

A brain connected to a computer

Photo: YouTube / Neuralink

The chip is used to connect neurons in the brain to any computing device to record and stimulate brain activity. A microchip would allow people to communicate their thoughts via computers and mobile devices.

“If users thought about moving their arms or hands, we would decode those intentions that would be transmitted via Bluetooth to the user’s computer,” reads Neuralink. “Users would initially learn to control the device with a virtual mouse. Later, as practice is gained and our adaptive decoding algorithms are improved, users will be able to control multiple devices, including a keyboard or a game controller” – the manufacturer assures.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Montreal Gazette, Neuralink


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