Elon Musk warns of extinction and will send a mission to save Earth in a week’s time

Elon Musk He has once again warned mankind of the dangers of cosmic rocks that can bring humanity to the brink of extinction. He referred here to the history of our planet, in which many times there were great extinctions of various species, due to the cosmic rocks.

The billionaire called on governments to take a serious look at this threat and to allocate funds as soon as possible to the development of effective technology to neutralize asteroids, so that mankind can feel safe. In addition to ways to protect humanity, Musk also proposes to protect us by making humanity interplanetary civilization.

It is about building the first bases, and then later cities on the moon or Mars. They will allow parts of humanity to survive, if there was a global catastrophe and then facilitate the reconstruction of cities on Earth. Our entire legacy could also be recorded on special media and hidden somewhere in caves on foreign worlds.

Although the plans of Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos bring to mind more science fiction film scripts than reality, it is better to prepare plans and start implementing them than to sit with your arms folded and wait for a cosmic rock to fall on your head, as it was during the reign of dinosaurs on Earth.

Elon Musk is concerned not only with cosmic rocks, but also global warming and climate change. The billionaire admitted that our planet may become uninhabitable in the near future. It is quite likely that it will happen sooner than we think. Therefore, also for this reason, we should start seriously thinking about securing ourselves in the form of extraterrestrial colonies.

The head of SpaceX does a lot on this topic and does not throw words into the wind. He would like to start this historic endeavor now. His in a week the Falcon-9 rocket will launch a DART mission into spacein which framework NASA plans to crash into a spacecraft with the asteroid. This is to see if it is possible to neutralize the cosmic rock with a kinetic impact. In the future, the use of nuclear weapons will come into play.

The next step in securing humanity will be the return to the moon, which Musk wants to implement in 2025 with the help of the ship Starship. By 2030, the first manned flight will take place on Mars. In the meantime, we should send more missions, thanks to which we will be able to test technologies for neutralizing asteroids.

If the world’s governments take the space threat more seriously, it is very likely that in the next decade humanity will begin to become interplanetary civilization and slowly it will be terraformed Mars. This process may take many centuries, so get started as soon as possible.

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