Elvis Presley sang “I Will Always Love You” to Priscilla during their divorce

Dolly Parton said that Elvis Presley sang her song in 1973 and almost recorded a cover of it.

Elvis Presley serenaded Priscilla one last time after their divorce. During an interview on BBC Radio 2Dolly Parton revealed that Priscilla Presley told her that Elvis sang Parton’s song to her ” I Will Always Love You » during their divorce in 1973.

Elvis loved this song. I actually spoke to Priscilla not too long agoParton told the outlet. She said to me, “You know, Elvis sang that song to me when we were walking down the courthouse steps after our divorce. He sang to me ‘I Will Always Love You’”. »

Dolly Parton had already revealed this anecdote in 2020, during an interview with Big Issueand declared that it had “ really touched “.

The singer also said that Presley intended to record the song himself, but Parton didn’t want to because of Colonel Tom Parker. “ He loved the song, he wanted to do it, he had prepared it. They called me to come to the studio to meet him and listen to the songexplains Parton to the BBC. That evening, Colonel Parker said, “We don’t record anything with Elvis if we don’t have the copyright, or at least half the copyright.” I said it was the most important copyright and I couldn’t do that. He told me we couldn’t do it. And I was heartbroken. I always wanted to know how Elvis would sing it. »

Parton explained that she then dreamed of Presley singing the song, which inspired a track that appears on her upcoming album Rockstar.

The love story between Priscilla and Elvis is the subject of the new film Priscilla, directed by Sofia Coppola. At the Venice Film Festival premiere, Priscilla Presley told reporters that her relationship with Elvis (which began when she was 14) had nothing to do with sex: ” People think, “Oh, it was a sex thing.” It is not the case at all. I never had sex with him. He was very kind, very gentle and very loving, but he also respected the fact that I was 14 years old. We were closer in spirit and thought, that was our relationship. »

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