emergency disinfestation in two streets of the city

Two suspected cases of dengue: tonight extraordinary disinfestation in two streets of Monza. To communicate it with an official note the municipality of the Brianza capital. On the evening of Wednesday 21 September, extraordinary disinfestation interventions will be carried out in the areas adjacent to via Della Minerva and via Cernuschi for two suspected cases of dengue. The intervention was ordered by the municipality of Monza with an order at the request of the Health Protection Agency (Ats).

The disinfestation operations, which will end around midnight, affect the streets included in the area within a radius of 200 meters around the places reported by the people who are victims of the suspected case of dengue. The pest control operations scheduled for tonight are extraordinary interventions that are added to the cycles of antilarval treatments normally envisaged. “Therefore there is no alarmism – they say with an official note from the palace -. Considering that the situation is constantly monitored by Ats which has adopted the envisaged protocol”.

During the treatment it is necessary to keep doors and windows tightly closed and to suspend the operation of the air exchange, wear light-colored clothing that covers most of the body (long sleeves, long pants, socks), use repellent sprays, ventilating the rooms well .

There is no specific treatment for dengue, and in most cases, people recover completely within two weeks. Supportive healing care consists of absolute rest, use of medications to lower fever and administration of fluids to the patient to combat dehydration. In some cases, fatigue and depression can persist for a few weeks.

The dengue virus is the pathogen responsible for the disease of the same name: dengue, also known as “dengue fever”. The dengue virus is not transmitted by direct human contagion, but only through the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes.

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