Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones finale “Daenerys did nothing wrong”

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Attacking Kings Landing with her army and faithful Drogon’s flames was not a bad move on Daenerys Targaryen’s part. To say it is his interpreter: Emilia Clarke. According to the actress, the descendant of Aegon Targaryen, the protagonist – for the moment – of House of the Dragon, he would not have made strategic mistakes during the last season of Game of Thrones. The finale of Game of Thrones, which aired on HBO several years ago, left a bad taste in the mouth of many fans passionate about the story inspired by the novels of George RR Martin. The writer, among other things, is among the defenders of the ending chosen by HBO.

In some statements granted during her appearance at DIF London this weekend, Clarke reveals that she is still upset about her character’s ending. In his opinion, in fact, the Mother of Dragons, before her name, born of the storm (and so on and so forth) remained consistent with herself until the end. Proven by Sir’s death. Jorah Mormont and Missandei, burned by the revelations – and subsequent removal – of Jon Snow, by Tyrion Lannister’s “gabbana vault” and, even more, moved by his desire to free the Seven Kingdoms from the tyranny of Cersei Lannister, Daenerys would have no choice but to attack King’s Landing.

Indeed, Clarke continues, she would have wished that the script would push in a different direction from the one actually taken. While free from the constraint of following Martin’s novels – those that close the cycle of Ice and Fire are not yet concluded – Game of Thrones could have seen a Targaryen return to the Iron Throne after the many years of reign of Aerys II (the Mad King) deposed by Robert Baratheon. Ideally, therefore, Daenerys could have closed the reopened circle with House of the Dragon. The ongoing prequel series delves into the lineage of the dragon rulers. “He didn’t deserve to die. She had to sit on the throne with Jon beside her, maybe after a couple therapy session “ Clarke jokes.


About Game of Thrones. After House of the Dragon, more and more rumors insist on a possible sequel series starring Snow, played for the occasion – once again – by Kit Harington. Meanwhile, for the House of Dragons, Tyler Tennant joins Matt Smith on set.

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