Emilia Clarke talks to us about cinema and fashion in Deauville

Which French actress do you admire?

Marion Cotillard has been one of my idols for many years. The delicacy of her work, but also her unwavering honesty and strength gave me my biggest crush as a young actress when I met her in the toilet queue at the awards ceremony. Golden Globes.

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You presented the film in Deauville The Pod Generation by Sophie Barthes, what attracted you to this project?

In short, everything. I was calling my agent to tell him how much I wanted to star in the movie ten pages before I finished the script. Sophie Barthes is a true creative genius, the way his mind works fascinates me, his endless curiosity about how we interact with each other, with technology and with our own future played a big role in saying yes to this project.

Do you feel close to your character?

As a woman, I related to her ambivalence, which is to say that it was striking to read about a female protagonist who remains unsure of what she feels for much of the film. His uncertainty but his desire to discover, to listen and to change are the foundations of being human. Reading a female character who feels one foot outside of a major decision in her life, while being strongly affected by her partner’s reaction, is very true. In the end, we know she’s happy, but also that she doesn’t have the answers to everything, because no matter how hard we try, we’ll never know what life has in store for us and how we’ll react to it. If standing strong in this ambivalence isn’t feminism, then I don’t know what is.

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