Emilia Clarke, the actress of Game of Thrones: “I live with a part of the brain”

We all remember how Daenyrs Targaryenthe indomitable Mother of Dragons who in game of Thrones he falls victim only to his own love. But Emilia Clarkethe actress who plays her, has chosen to tell her story not only through the mask of the warrior-queen ready for anything, but also through the truth of a woman who is also made up of own fragility. In particular, the actress has recently returned to tell her about her two aneurysms that affected her brain, substantially reducing the function of some of her tissues.

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The battle for life

While promoting his new stage show in London’s West End, The Seagull of Chekhov, Clarke released aexclusive interview with BBC, in which he recalls his ordeal: “I felt the most excruciating pain. It was very important to have game of Thrones to collect myself and give me a purpose”. In fact the first anomalous dilatation of his cerebral blood vessels it happened in the period between the first and second season of the cult series, when the young woman was 24 years old; the second came two years later, in 2013. “Considering the part of my brain that is no longer functional, it is extraordinary that I can speak or live my life normally. They’re really a minority,” she explained: “There’s a good chunk I’m missing. If a part of the brain does not receive blood for even one second, it is lost forever.”

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