Emilia Clarke’s moving post in support of the Ukrainian people

Emilia Clarke stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The Russia-Ukraine war is putting the entire world in crisis as known and perceived so far. The Ukrainian people have the solidarity of the Hollywood star

Faced with a potentially destructive conflict for the entire planet as we know it – which is the Russia-Ukraine war, fratricidal and already guilty of a merciless number of victims – the world of entertainment felt called into question in order to somehow stem the conflict. THE big in Hollywoodin fact, they have great influence on public opinion. And all, without exception, are sided en masse in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The people who, as in any armed conflict, have no choice but to keep themselves alive and take care of the weakest.

Khaleesi too Emilia Clarkethrough an Instagram post, he decided to express his solidarity and the its support for the Ukrainian population fleeing from war. The post, decidedly moved and moving, expresses enormous pain in the face of the impotence to which the Western civil world is forced.

“My heart is broken”Writes the Game of Thrones actress. However, her message of pain is also an appeal to generosity, hope and the countless initiatives that the entertainment world is mobilizing to meet Ukrainian refugees. The Russia-Ukraine war, everyone seems to be saying, is humanity’s duty to still prove itself worthy of her name. Clarke, in fact, proposes a gesture of solidarity through her project. “If you want to join us and donate much needed funds, donate to @disastersemergencycommittee. This will help provide food, water, shelter and health care for refugees and displaced families. The gorgeous t-shirts were made by the gorgeous and loving @charliemackesy“, Concluded Emilia Clarke.

Among the characters who exposed themselves and took part in the solidarity initiatives in the Russia-Ukraine war are: JK Rowling, Leonardo di Caprio and many other stars.

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