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Bologna, 10 August 2022 – A great turning point for health in our region: starting from September will be operational the surgeries for the so-called white and low complexity codes entrusted to the doctors of the continuity of care, as per the agreement signed last May, for strengthen the assistance network of Emergency-Urgency. And the necessary tools will be activated to increase the recognized economic value for the additional services that doctors and dependent health professionals they carry out outside normal working hours, at the emergency rooms to deal with the contingent critical situation.

These are the commitments that the Emilia-Romagna Region took on today at the end of the meeting, in Bologna, with the medical union (AAROI EMAC; ANAAO Assomed; CIMO-FESMED Federation; CISL Medici; FPCGIL; FPUIL; FVM).

After the agreement of the last May for the strengthening of personnel and the public health service, in particular of ‘area Emergency-Urgency starting from First aid, today in the Region the point was made on the difficult situation that is dealing with the employees of the Emergency Department of Emilia-Romagna.

The Region will take steps to adopt all the tools necessary to recognize doctors and dependent health professionals an increase in the economic value recognized for the additional services carried out at the emergency rooms outside normal working hours, to deal with the emergency situation.

It was therefore given appointment in September for a joint work on the technical level in which to resume the other reorganization proposals, which emerged in the meeting, relating to the Emergency-Urgency care network in close connection with the specialist and territorial medicine.

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