Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan in the melodrama “Wild Mountain Thyme”

(Photo: press materials)

After some romantic comedies with Ireland in the background, writer and director John Patrick Shanley made Wild Mountain Thyme, a film adaptation of the drama “Outside Mullingar.” He cast a star duo in the lead roles.

“Wild Mountain Thyme” is an Irish story about Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt, known for her role as Emily in “The Devil Wears Prada”) and Anthony Reillym (Jamie Dornan, or Christian from “50 Shades of Gray”), who have known each other since childhood . The young farmer has always had a crush on the neighbor. Anthony, belittled by his father, who plans to sell the family farm to his American nephew, struggles with emotional problems. Only Rosemary can help him.

“Wild Mountain Thyme” was directed by John Patrick Shanley and the film is an adaptation of his Broadway play “Outside Mullingar” from 2014. Starring will be Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan, as well as Christopher Walken, Jon Hamm, Dearbhla Molloy and Lydia McGuinness. The movie was produced by Mar-Key Pictures. The music for Wild Mountain Thyme was composed by Amelia Warner, Dornan’s wife. The Polish premiere is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 (distribution of M2 Films).

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