Emily Blunt and John Krasinski: A Story of Their Love. Through the stomach to the heart?

Emily revealed that she chose one of the recipes of Ina Garten, known to viewers of culinary programs as the Barefoot Contessa. This is a very simple dish, the preparation of which does not require too much work and effort, but it has an electrifying effect. So electrifying that a year later Blunt and Krasinski were already engaged.

The star started by emphasizing that even less experienced cooks can prepare this dish. “Besides the chicken, we need onions, lemons, salt, pepper, garlic, thyme and all that to make it. When you take this dish out of the oven, it’s hard to resist, it’s wonderful!” – Emily Chalton argued.

Emily Blunt keeps the truth about herself and her husband from her children

So what is the secret of this “engagement dish”? According to Ina Garten’s instructions, the chicken should of course be thoroughly washed and dried to begin with. Then we cut the lemon into quarters. We stuff the chicken with half of them. The next step is just as simple, just cut the garlic head in half (don’t peel the garlic, just cut it) and stuff the chicken with it as well. A little salt and pepper and the meat can be placed in an ovenproof dish. Spread it all with melted butter, thanks to which the meat is deliciously browned.

As an addition, Contessa proposes two onions, cut into slices, and one and a half lemon, cut into quarters. We mix it with oil, salt and pepper, arrange it around the previously prepared meat and add a little thyme. Bake the chicken for about an hour and 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 220 degrees. Ready.

It is said that this dish also accompanied another famous couple during a romantic dinner that ended in an engagement. We are talking about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. When the actress mentioned the engagement, she mentioned that it was one of those quiet evenings in a cottage in the country. The couple were preparing roast chicken when Harry decided to ask this important question. That is why Markle has assured many times that Ina Garten’s regulations literally “change lives”.

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