Emily Blunt disguised herself as a VAGUE? The fans are … thrilled!

Emily Blunt caused quite a stir on the web with her creation from the SAG Awards 2019 gala. All because some fans compared her dress to … a vagina! What’s more – everyone is delighted with it.

During this year’s awards ceremony SAG Awards Emily Blunt she triumphed on stage thanks to her role in the drama Silent Place. The actress was one of the awarded stars at the ceremony, so the eyes of all cinema fans were also on her. Emily Blunt on SAG Awards 2019 it was impossible not to notice for another reason – its creation.

On SAG Awards 2019 Emily Blunt she appeared in a long pink dress with a fancy collar. Internet users agreed that she looked like … a vagina!

Emily Blunt’s creation at the SAG Awards 2019 caused a stir

Of course, it is not known whether this was what she hoped for Emily Bluntby choosing your pink dress. One thing is certain – Internet users are delighted! Most of them recognized the suggestive collar Emily Blunt for a tribute to women and their vaginas!

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Emily Blunt’s dress looks like a vagina, and honestly that’s the only reason I like it

It’s really cool that Emily Blunt’s gown is a vagina celebration

Emily Blunt disguised herself as a vagina at the SAG Awards and we are for that

Emily Blunt has put on a dress that looks like a cosmic disco vagina and I love it!

– Twitter users write.

Take a look at the dress yourself Emily Blunt With SAG Awards 2019. There is something about it?

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