Emily Blunt, however, will not appear in “Fantastic Four” – the actress does not like superhero movies

Emily Blunt buried the hopes and dreams of fans who wanted the actress to play Sue Storm in the upcoming movie “Fantastic Four”.

Emily Blunt won’t star in Marvel movies?

Superhero cinema has evolved to almost unimaginable dimensions in recent years, and the roles in movies about comic heroes are taken by almost everyone – from young and novice actors (like Tom Holland when he joined the MCU), via experienced and legendary Oscar winners (Robert Redford, Michael Douglas). One of the fan favorites who has yet to appear in the blockbuster about heroes is Emily Blunt.

The actress was already selected for the roles Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and for several years she has been a dream candidate for the role Sue Storm (her husband, John Krasinski, would play Reed Richards). Blunt recently spoke about all the rumors, mentioning that she had already been offered a role Black Widow in “Iron Man 2” or Peggy Carter in “Captain America: The First Show”.

The actress appeared in the program Howard Stern, where she said that, in her opinion, pop culture is a bit saturated with comic book characters. Blunt, however, did not rule out the scenario that she would accept an offer to work on such a film – provided that it would be something “special”:

It’s not like it’s below me. I love Iron Man and when I was offered to play Black Widow I was obsessed with Iron Man. I wanted to Work with Robert Downey Jr. But I don’t know if this is a movie for me … They don’t suit me. I do not like them. I really don’t like them. In my opinion, this is an exhausted topic. These are not only movies, but also endless series. I’m not saying that I will never be in any of them, but it would have to be something really great and special. Then I would be interested.

John Krasinski had an interview with Marvel.  Which hero will he play?

As we mentioned Blunt and Krasinski they are the strongest candidates among the fans for the role of the Richards marriage in the coming “Fantastic Four”, what the actress commented in an interview with

I have no idea, I guess you need to talk to Feige about that, right? Being cast in this role by fans is great and I appreciate it a lot, but in my opinion it’s just something hypothetical until they cast someone else.

We will be able to see Emily Blunt soon in “Quiet Place 2”, which will debut in theaters already June 4, 2021.

"A quiet place 2" got the final trailer.  The film will hit theaters in June!

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