Emily Blunt must have gotten drunk before the kiss scene with Dwayne Johnson

One of the hottest movie premieres this summer is the latest Disney production starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. The adventure film “Expedition to the Jungle” is a story about a brave wildlife explorer who, together with the charismatic captain of a river ship, sets out on a mission full of danger. Their destination is the mythical tree of life, which has miraculous healing powers. During their journey deep into the Amazon jungle, the couple will have to face dangerous animals and a competing expedition that also wants to find a tree with healing powers.

In an interview with Access, the acting duo talked about working on the production. “I think we all felt a bit of a nostalgia when making this movie. Stylistically, it resembles the most iconic films of the genre like ‘Indiana Jones’ or ‘Love, Emerald and Crocodile’. It was a very exhilarating, enriching experience.” Blunt pointed out. However, the couple did not avoid problems on the set. One of the key scenes, namely the kissing of their protagonists, turned out to be a particular challenge for the actors. “That was by far the hardest. I asked the director straight,” How many takes? Can we finish? “I had to get drunk to do this,” joked Blunt. “And I’ll get high,” added Johnson.

In one of the earlier interviews, the star of “Cichy Miejsce” admitted that she was initially skeptical about performing alongside The Rock. She was afraid that he would be overshadowed by him, which would negatively affect her career. “When I first read the script, I had my doubts, I was approaching it with a lot of cynicism. I was assured that Dwayne and I would play the main characters, that our roles were equal, but I was afraid that in the end I would only be a ‘girl with Dwayne Johnson’s film and my acting credibility will suffer, “Blunt confessed in an interview with Digital Spy Magazine.

We will find out if the actress’s fears were right on July 30 – then “Wyprawa do jungle” will hit the screens of Polish cinemas.

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