Emily Blunt: Only women are asked where their children are

In an interview with Porter, Emily Blunt spoke of gender disparity that he has to face in the entertainment industry. Sadly, it’s no surprise that in 2022 these are, even in the workplace, still very real and daunting. And it’s not even surprising that they also involve the VIP momsespecially when it comes to dividing the role of parent and career, ambitions.

The British actress noted that working mothers are often blamed for their decisions – which in turn can lead women to question their behavior – while men simply don’t. Even between her and her husband, director John Krasinski, these dynamics would be present.

It is interesting that women still have to be defensive about their job choices, and men don’t“said Emily Blunt. In fact, while many women cultivate their careers in conjunction with motherhood, society continues to make them feel as if their only priority should be their children. They can’t afford a little “me time“, nor the time to spend with friends.

The star of Atlanta he then continued:

When I was on set in Atlanta – which was busy because I was rushing home every weekend – it was amazing how many people asked me where my kids were. I thought, “I bet Chris Evans doesn’t get asked that question, or Andy Garcia, or Jay Duplass.”

The truth is, society doesn’t see men as the primary parents: it’s never talked about how men can balance their careers with being a father, because most of the time they aren’t even asked to.

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