Emily Blunt revealed why she starred in “The Quiet Place 2”

When Paramount asked Krasinski to direct a sequel to “Quiet Place,” he already had a full calendar for the next year. But it was not only the lack of vacancies that prevented him from accepting this proposal. The director also feared that trying to catch up with the first part would fail.

“We were reluctant to think about it,” Emily Blunt told Variety journalist, following the US premiere of “Quiet Place 2” last weekend. “A lot of people from the studio gave us ideas for the second part, and we only thought: ‘No, we won’t do it” – added the actress, Evelyn Abbott, and privately Krasinski’s wife.

John Krasinski was the first to change his mind. He admitted that it started with an idea for a plot related to the character Regan, played by Millie Simmons in the film. The deaf actress plays the role of the Abbotts’ daughter.

“I wanted her to play a bigger role and I knew she could do it,” the director explained in an interview with “Variety”. And then, to convince Emily Blunt to star in the sequel, he told her the opening scene of the film.

“I thought it was great! And I realized I would be an idiot if I didn’t want to play it,” Blunt said. And her husband added that it was crucial for him to treat the second part of the blockbuster as a sequel, not a typical sequel. “This is a love letter of children to their parents. A letter full of hopes and dreams. I would like my children to be so brave and able to light a candle when the light goes out” – commented John Krasinski.

“Silent Place 2” tells the story of the Abbot family, which, due to the deadly threat posed by monsters attracted by noise, must function in complete silence. The Polish premiere of the sequel is scheduled for March 20, 2020.

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