Emily Blunt: ‘We don’t demand as much from men as from women’

Emily Blunt is furious that men don’t face the same demands as women.

The ‘Oppenheimer’ actress feels that women are much more pressured into being “warm and friendly” and seen as “too ambitious or too emotional” if they share their opinions.

She told the Guardian: “I think there’s always a pressure to be likeable and warm and understandable, while men aren’t held to the same standard. Nobody cared whether Leonardo DiCaprio was sympathetic in The Wolf of Wall Street”.

When asked if women are more outspoken these days, Emily adds: “Yeah, but I could also generalize and say that a lot of women tend to try to work around things because we’re not often given a platform to speak honestly. Or you are seen as too ambitious or too emotional if someone seems to speak their mind with a fiery opinion.”

The remarks come after Emily said she strongly believes unions should ‘get what they want’.

Emily finished promoting Christopher Nolan’s drama about the father of the atomic bomb just as the SAG-AFTRA strike crippled Hollywood, and also told the Guardian: “I’m a big believer in unions getting exactly what they want.”

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