Emily Carey may not return to the cast of The House of Dragon 2

Despite the initial skepticism that hovered around The House of the Dragonprequel series de Game of thronesthe TV show broadcast on Sky is achieving an incredible and unexpected success.

The merit is not only of a well thought out compelling storyline, but also of a cast crazy that it is not making us regret the former actors (now beloved) seen in game of Thrones passing from Kit Harington to Emilia Clarke, as well as from Jason Momoa to Sophie Turner.

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Although at the moment only the very first episodes of The House of the Dragon, the tv series has already been confirmed for the second season although the future of the show is still to be written, especially as regards the actors who will take part in it starting from Emily Carey.

The young actress, in cast from The House of the Dragonseason 1 as the young Alicent Hightower, said a The Hollywood Reporter not to be sure of appearing again in the next season of the TV series prequel of the Game of Thrones. «It has been talked about. We’ve had some conversations about it but, in all honesty, I know absolutely nothing about what’s going to happen, I have no idea, “he admitted. Emily. “Sure, I’d like to come back. It depends on the response the show gets and where they intend to take it, ”he concluded Carey who, in the past, has lent the face to Wonder Woman and Lara Croft in some flashbacks that showed these characters in adolescence, while instead the Alicent in the adult version that we see in House of Dragon was entrusted to Olivia Cooke.

A character that played by Emily Carey in The House of the Dragon,
difficult for her to manage, as she found herself facing not only the romantic relationship between Alicent and Viserys Targaryen (whose role was entrusted to the 49-year-old actor Paddy Considine), but also for the bond between the young woman and her father Ser Otto Hightower (aka Rhys Ifans).

“As an actress I have struggled with the relationships that Alicent has with her father and with Viserys Targaryen since I have never had an equivalent figure in real life, ”said Carey a Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t have a father and I’ve never had a romantic interest, especially with a man older than me, so dealing with those relationships was very challenging,” admitted the 19-year-old, hoping to be able to put her face to Alicent Hightower in The House of the Dragon.

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