Emily Ratajkowski impacts her dress more transparently to reveal her interior clothing

The edges of semi-transparent lenses have increased noticeably over the last few years. The trend naked No one has identified it as one of the aesthetic preferences of fashion lovers, but it has served as a means of visibility and attempts to normalize all types of women’s clothing in society. Pocas sons experts in the fashion industry that are not united with the tendency, but some others, like Emily Ratajkowski, who adopted this style in addition to more radical terms, tal and as hemos podido ver en una de sus ultimas salidas por las streets de Nueva York.

The model appeared on a night in the company of friends, and for the occasion it was a beautiful dress that received many of the same ones that we saw and saw in the looks of the most invited guests at the most famous events. We have a design of leather and asas anchas, with straight silhouette until the bottom of the rod, which is already visible on the interior. Concretely, we see how escogía a subjectador de copa negro, a juego con una braguita minima de tiras lateralales altas y finas. The final brooch that completed the item was not to add one of our black salon shoes with loose ends, also semi-transparent, and a bag of the same corta del mismo color that was attached to one of our hands.

In a moment when we came to know how we tried to teach our new body with plenty of transparency, and also in a context where we were tired Pasarelas de las Semanas de la Mode acaban de vaticinar que en 2024 continueremos con esta pauta estilísticawe don’t have any extras to see that before the firms we propongan transparent looks without having any clothes inside (of hecho Saint Laurent as if the shirt with their camisetas in Paris Fashion Week), where, directly, we went to Julia Fox and went to the street only in the clothes inside.

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