Emily Ratajkowski jokes about dating for dinner after divorce

What is Pete Davidson, Harry Styles, DJ Orazio Rispo, Eric André, And Brad Pitt have in common? They were all romantically linked to Emily Ratajkowskiat a time when she was single and ready to mingle…with almost anyone, as long as they were willing to foot the bill.

In a joking TikTok video posted to her account Wednesday, Ratajkowski sits in a car, repeatedly repeating the audio saying “Fuck, let’s do this.” In the image, she wrote, “I’m recently single and decided to date someone who wanted to take me out to dinner. »

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“Grateful that this time in the healing process has passed,” she captioned the clip, seemingly alluding to her attitude immediately after her divorce, when she was frequently seen out and about.

Ratajkowski was previously married to Uncut gemstones producer Sébastien Bear-McClard, with whom she shares a two-year-old son. The duo’s divorce was finalized in September 2022, at which point Ratajkowski had previously been spotted spending time with Pete Davidson. Later, she and Brad Pitt were seen close to each other, but sources said they were not dating “formally.” Of course! Other kisses took place with DJ Orazio Rispo and comedian Eric Andre. In early 2023, she kissed Harry Styles in Tokyo, and around that time she said on a podcast that she “just started dating someone I think I love, so it’s different.” She was going through a very serious period: “But if you had spoken to me four weeks ago, absolutely. I would see someone and suddenly the way they walked was like, ugh.

Although Ratajkowski’s current relationship status remains unclear, she has reflected on her period of low mood, if her TikTok about finding pleasant company is to be believed. Earlier this year, she said she wanted to have another child, but wasn’t sure if she’d find anyone she’d want to raise said hypothetical baby with.

So there you have it: if you love food and Emily Ratajkowski, you might have a chance to combine the two – at least she was there before. May the odds always be in your favor.

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