Emily Ratajkowski on men who can’t handle strong women: ‘they can tear you apart’

In a recent speech, Emily Ratajkowski vented about some specific couple dynamics.

Emily Ratajkowski Against Men Who Can't Handle Strong Women: "they can tear you apart"

Emily Ratajkowski she has decided that she will avoid dating in the future men that “they can’t handle strong women”. To bring back his statements, in terms of couples and love, he thought about it Page Six.

Welcome Home 6

Welcome Home: Emily Ratajkowski during a sequence

During the recent airing of the podcast High LowEmily Ratajkowski said she hates dating a particular type of men: those “convinced that they want an independent woman by their side”. From his point of view these, in particular, tend to support the success of their partner first and then “change attitude”: “They slowly change feeling they lack their masculinity, they don’t know what to do with those feelings and they resent you and start tearing you apart”.

Continuing in this vein, Emily Ratajkowski also spoke of the relationship with women, instead praising the probable dynamics: “There may be competition [con una donna]… but there is no impression here that someone is taking something away from someone else. Curiously I feel this dynamic much more with heteronormative relationships. Strength and power are associated with the masculine and once obtained from a woman a man is left with nothing.”

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Could these statements relate to the recent sentimental breakthroughs with Pete Davidson?

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