Emily Ratajkowski, the bikini does not forgive: irrepressible

Emily Ratajkowski shocks the web with new images of rare sensuality, the increasingly explosive model in costume: what a show

You say Emily Ratajkowski and you cannot but think of the personification of female charm. The American super model is one of the most visible beauties of our times, who has become famous all over the world, with a global fame that also translates into truly remarkable numbers on social media.

Emily Ratajkowski (Instagram photo)

Emily Ratajkowski, today’s icon of sensuality: incomparable

Those would be enough to explain what we are talking about. Emily strides towards i 30 million followers on Instagramtruly sensational numbers. A vast audience that loses itself in the limitless charm of the super top model, which has a particular bond with Italy given that among the main commercials, it was also the campaign for a well-known local underwear brand that pushed her towards international fame . Actress for cinematographic films and musical video clips, Emily has walked the catwalk for the most prestigious brands and represents an ideal of beauty and sensuality that has already become timeless. A real masterpiece that never gets boring and that makes every new post on the web cry out almost like a miracle. In recent times, Emily posts less frequently on her Instagram profile, but when this happens she is always greeted by a real ovation.

Emily Ratajkowski, the leopard-print costume hits the screen: the video that becomes legendary, dizzying neckline

After all, one cannot remain indifferent to such a spectacle. A video of a few seconds, but enough to inflame the atmosphere like never before among the fans. Emily wears a stunning leopard print bikini, which particularly highlights her plunging cleavage, a detail that went down in history. But it’s all her persuasive and provocative silhouette that makes you daydream. Emily looks into the camera mischievous and teasing, playing with the hem of her already skimpy thong. And the web, as always in these cases, really goes into a frenzy. Fans from all over the world dedicate avalanches of likes and enthusiastic comments to say the least, it is yet another triumph of majestic sensuality by Emily who returns to immortalize herself among the absolute queens of Instagram. Even with winter on the way, temperatures are soaring again thanks to her. A marvel that is difficult to describe further.

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